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Does anybody watch this? The TV was on the other night, wasn’t really paying much attention to it then this show came on, “Modern Family”. We sat and watched it, some parts were funny, but then there was this odd couple… A gay couple with a kid… Not that I was surprised by this or anything, but the part that really got me was at one point there was this whole scene where one of the gay men was singing “Ave Maria” for some audience. I didn’t really pay enough attention to understand what the humor was supposed to be behind the guy singing that while the other guy was chasing a bird around his house, but I did notice at the conclusion of the song he made the sign of the cross… It really got me, I just wonder what the writers were thinking having a gay man singing Hail Mary and signing the cross? It really makes me sick to even think about. I guess their depiction of the “Modern Family” includes the degradation of the moral and christian beliefs in modern society; sadly I can’t help but feel its probably an accurate depiction… :shrug:

There is no such thing as a modern family, there are just working natural families and dysfunctional, artificial or damaged social groups.

I’ve not seen the show, but your description… :mad:

Ok, so singing Ava Maria isn’t something that a person must be Catholic to do, but as a media outlet, ABC, I’m sure, is aware that most of their viewers will relate not just Catholic, but DEVOUT Catholics with the singing of the Ave Maria, esp when capped with the Sign of the Cross. They could have had him singing so many other songs… couldn’t they? Why did he need to make the SOC? :confused:

I’ve called the networks after things like this. Sent emails. I don’t know how much good it did, really, but the things I’ve complained about I have not seen again.

It IS effective.

Explain in the letter WHY it bothers you and why it is offensive and just what it was that you noticed. They can’t un-do the show… at least, don’t expect them do. Make it clear that you were watching this episode on this date and saw this scene and as a practicing Catholic, you are bothered.

In my case, I called and followed up with an email. It may be as effective to put one snail mail letter to them. Their contact information is available. :slight_smile:


Amen again :thumbsup:

In the season finale, Cameron is asked to sing Ave Maria at a friends wedding.
His partner Mitchell, alone with their daughter, freaks out when a pigeon gets in their house.
The situation was obvious if you took the time to watch.

If you’re not going to take the time to watch the show, why take the time to get upset about something you don’t understand?

Its a very funny comedy show.

I agree, it’s a pretty funny show.

I don’t watch many sitcoms but I think it’s a lot better than something like “Two and a half men”. The portrayal is of an extended family that is quirky and has some deep-seated issues and tensions, but still loves each other. Not like some sitcoms where the concept of “family” itself is a joke, or where “family” means a group of people that just live together and trade snappy put-downs and insults back and forth. I would say between this, and “Married With Children” (which also featured Ed O’Neill as the family patriarch), “Modern Family” is a much more positive portrayal of family.

Yes there’s a gay couple raising a baby. Not at all what I would consider an ideal Christian family. But I think the show has done a decent job of actually developing those characters, so that it’s not just about pushing a homosexual agenda. To be sure I think it is trying to normalize the notion of homosexual couples raising children, but it’s not nearly as preachy about it as you might think. It’s not like every episode is a “very special episode” about how great it is for gay parents to raise kids.

Do you really think there are gays and lesbians who are not devout? :confused:

I don’t watch the show in question, but I did find the video sequence you are talking about:

Yes, its rather strange humor. But less so if you recognize that it is a parody of a famous scene from the classic 1972 movie The Godfather. In this scene, the child of Micheal Corelone is being baptized. As the ritual progresses, the movie keeps cutting away to assassins preparing to attack Michael’s enemies, and then doing so.

oops…its been a long, long time since I saw The Godfather. :slight_smile:

A little correction to my previous post: the scene is actually of the baptism of his sister’s child, and he is the godfather. The assassins are killing off his rivals, to establish his place as the new mafia Godfather.

What ‘situation’ is obvious? You saw the show, read this thread, and responded, and now I’m lots more confused. What is ‘obvious’? In your opinion :confused:

Whaat does the pigeon have to do with the singing of a prayer (the Ave Maria is the Hail Mary in Latin, btw) :slight_smile:

Did you take the time to understand what someone could be upset about? :frowning:

Let me just say that if I had payed more attention perhaps it may have been more funny, I enjoyed the rest of the show… I had forgotten about the scene from the Godfather, that puts things in a bit more context…

It still bothers me though. Dale, there obviously are “devout” homosexual Christians, even Catholics, which, I suppose, makes it worthy of story telling when the subject is the “modern family”, whatever that is… Unless the particular brand of Christianity they align with has stamped their approval on the behavior, these so-called “devout” Christians are plainly ignoring a large part of their church’s doctrine. While the show isn’t being “preachy” about the gay family agenda, they are certainly pushing the idea for it to be normal. And, just judging from this particular episode, could they not be pushing for something even more controversial to be normal: devout christian gay families? Its a stretch, but could this be a response to the Catholic Church refusing to adopt children to gay families and being forced to close adoption services in those places with non-discrimination laws?

That’s really the thing that bothered me about it. Its one thing to try and pass this off on our secular society that a gay family can be normal too, but a christian gay family? So many of the Church’s teachings are intertwined with chastity and marriage… What would be the implications for the teachings about marriage, the virgin birth, Mary’s perpetual virginity, holy orders, the Church as Christ’s Bride, the Holy Family, contraception, abortion, adultery, chastity, and so many other things this ties into? It seems to me that everything just unravels. That’s what secular society doesn’t understand, its like they think we are all just making this religion up and we can change it up at will; they have this attitude of, “why can’t they just accept change and move on”. Marriage is a Sacrament, “An outward sign of inward grace, a sacred and mysterious sign or ceremony, ordained by Christ, by which grace is conveyed to our souls.” Sorry to be such a downer :frowning: , but there is too much at stake to play with it or poke fun at it.

Thanks Apryl for joining me in my frustration :slight_smile:

Um, yeah… I’m pretty good with frustration… REAL good at it :blush:

I know this is an ancient thread… but I just watched the episode in question on DVD… Cam does NOT make the sign of the cross, so everyone should calm down. He was asked to perform “Ave Maria” at a friend’s wedding. When he was done, he made a hand gesture like an opera singer would make… kind of an acknowledgement of the applause he was receiving. It was most certainly NOT the sign of the cross. No slam to the Church.

I have to say, I LOVE this show. I love the Catholic Church, but I have come to understand that there are gay people who are Christian and love Jesus. We are human… we all have our issues… the sins we struggle with. I wish people would calm down.

Just my two cents.

I love the show!! If you get a chance, you should watch that entire episode – it is pretty funny. It didn’t make me sick at all.

This show has actors portray an alternative family scenario. It is meant to promote a certain agenda to the viewer. And please complain, politely, when it’s appropriate. It does matter. The producers of the show do want to know what the public’s reaction is. If no one says anything, then at the next producers’ meeting, the person in charge of gauging audience response can honestly say, “No one complained.” Once again, be specific and be polite.


As a gay christian man who is going through the process of adoption, its nice to see a gay couple on TV portrayed in such a way. We are just normal people too. We go to church, pray, follow the rules. I don’t have time for hate towards anyone nor do I care if you hate me. I forgive you

before this premiered…two years ago? I saw a preview scene…it was the gay men on the plane with “their” baby…it turned me off right away. I might watch Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing…it looks like it MIGHT be okay…but otherwise…I would never watch a show that tries to portray homosexuality as NORMAL. Or portrays two gay men raising a little GIRL.

You are such a good person. I can’t see why so many people are turned off by organized religion these days when people within the flock say things like that. I can just imagine Jesus saying the same thing in his day. Nevermind all that love, peace and unity stuff he preached, his hatred of homosexuality was definitely his bread and butter.

Hmmm. Let’s see, here you’re a Christian. In your profile you call yourself a humanist. On another thread you state you’re a Buddhist.

I’m guessing you’re either schizophrenic, a troll, or someone with a chip on his shoulder against Christians. {my vote is for #s 2 & 3}

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