TV: Moment of Truth

Has anyone watched this show?

What do you think?

Why do folks with so much to hide decide to “play” this game?

I watched I thik about half of the first show with my wife and 3 kids. When the dollar amout got higher the type of questions got more raunchy and immoral. We changed the channel and my 16 y/o sone asked why do they do this on TV… my responce was just for ratings. Sad that we live in such a sex focused media country. Geesh… can’t even watch the commercials during the news with hearing about STD’s or all the different ED drugs!!


I saw the last half of one episode and decided it bordered too much on voyeurism to want to watch it anymore.

The host by the way, used to be the host of the *Temptation Island *series. Bleech.

That show is so horrible. I can’t believe what people will do for money. Seems if they offer enough money, people will destroy their marriages and their whole family to get it.

Though, I have often wondered, if it’s like some of the Jerry Springer shows, where the whole family was in on it, they discussed all the secrets before hand, and agreed to act surprised or shocked in order to get the money or publicity from being on the show.

It seems stupid that people would air all their dirty laundry like that on national TV. Why would you not expect shocking questions? Why would you do it if you had so much to hide? I think at least some of these are going to come out to be set ups.

It is quite a train wreck. But, as with literal train wrecks, I can’t not look.

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