TV News Stations

I’m curious to know which TV news station the majority of CAFers get their news from.

We tend to be CNN watchers.

Other: Euronews

I get news from all across the spectrum. It’s the only way to understand countervailing points of view. They would all have you think they descended from Heaven on the holy mission of bringing this transcendent thing called journalism to the masses. Actually, they’re just selling a product specifically tailored to a consumer. Nothing more. Nothing less. Rather than being transcendent, it is often rather base and common actually.

I used to watch more news, but I’ve gotten sick of how relativistic they are. They can never report news, only have four “experts” yelling at each other. The only civil “expert argument” I’ve even seen on air was when there was a good priest on.:rolleyes: go figure!

I enjoy watching Russia Today for their investigations and special reports. And BBC for other things. But mostly I like to read news from some kind of Catholic source, so when an important story comes up, it’s not worded to rile us up but simply to inform.

CNN for me. I don’t watch BBC World News but BBC is a great channel with very good series.

With all the negative comments I have read about CNN on CAF, it is nice to know someone else watches CNN.


Fox News, all day, everyday. Plenty of reasons.

I don’t really watch TV news much. But it just occurred to me (after I voted) that I do watch c-span fairly often, which I suppose could count as a news channel. I especially enjoy some of their Book TV programming on weekends.

Most of my news comes from the radio (while I’m getting dressed in the morning) and on-line sources, especially the Wall Street Journal.


I roll in the NO SPIN ZONE :D:D

Seconded. I go to Fox News, NY Times, der Spiegel, Deutsche Welle, Reuters, Russia Today, BBC, and The Times for my news.

If there’s anythign I can’t stand more than pointless news, it’s biased news. It’s best to read everything from both sources and make your own conclusion than to have others conclude for you.

Agree completely. I love BBC World because they talk intellegently about the Southern hemisphere, but we watch news on all different channels. I’m kinda a news junkie! :o

I find it interesting that the Fox News Channel leads as the most watched news station by CAFers.


I shudder when anyone gets all of their news from one single source, as many people say they do with Fox News.

You should always have multiple sources so you can double-check facts.

At one time, I used to read four newspapers a day (generally): Toronto Sun (blue-collar conservative), National Post (white-collar conservative), Toronto Star (liberal), Globe and Mail (I really have no idea, their opinions used to jump around a lot. But they were definitely biased against and contemptuous of Eastern Canada). Between them all, I usually got the gist of what was going on news-wise.

TV-wise, if I watch any news channel, I generally watch CBC NewsWorld, but only because it has the Antiques Roadshow (the good ones from the UK) and the odd decent documentary. On the other hand, for my nightly news, I watch CTV News with Lloyd Robertson, followed by the local news, followed by Jon Stewart (sometimes). I find him usually funny, even if I don’t agree with him. He did a nice bit on ACORN the other night, though.

I watch and listen to multiple news sources I also have Sirius and XM radios and I listen to both leftwing and rightwing stations.

However when it come to the most unbiased news source its FOX News hands down. They do show both sides.

First time I noticed the bias in news was in 1983 during the invasion of Grenada when the military blocked out the news.

CNN was having people call in and complain on how dare the military and Reagan administration stop reporters from covering the invasion.

CNN let these people pretty much vent however when people would call in and say they agreed with the military they were immediately hung up on. I was dumbfounded that’s when I started to look at network news differently.

There a good book called Biased by Bernard Goldberg he was with CBS News for almost thirty years. He said people at the networks don’t think they’re biased most live in New York City all their friends and parties they go to are left leaning so they think the rest of the country things like liberal New Yorkers.

I’m amazed that people watch John Stewart for news [a lot of young people do] that show is a comedy show it’s not a real news show. I can see watching it to get a good laugh.

local and national news NBC.

Perhaps some voted for what they watched most. That does not mean they don’t watch other things.

Right I watch FOX most of the time, and do check out CNN and MSNBC, but don’t stay too long. Never watch ABC, CBS, or the Obama network of NBC anymore.

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