TV - Once Upon A Time - Season 2

What did everyone think?

I really enjoy the show and the season finale was awesome - but this first episode left me a bit disappointed. I wasn’t sure there was a direction. My impression was that they’re just adding a bunch of new characters . There didn’t seem to be any direction until the last ten minutes.

SPOILER: What is up with the wraith and the necklace. Is that part of some fairy tale? The joining of Mulan and Sleeping Beauty/Prince Phillip? Magic doesn’t work until Emma touches Regina? At the beginning, Regina asks the questions to Dr. Whale - who are you? So she’s got him in on the scene of the comatose Prince but doesn’t know who he is. Foul! The only thing I found semi-interesting was the guy at the beginning who got that postcard

Well, I LOVE the show…I haven’t loved a show this much since…well, I don’t want to jinx the show…so I won’t say what show…but this is my show on Sundays. Even my older sister likes it.

The Season Premiere…wow…it sets up so many possibilities…and yes, that one thingy was confusing…but I think we’ll learn more as each episode premieres.

This is favorite of mine too. It definitely is scheduled to record on the DVR. So many things happening in the first episode - no idea where things are going - can’t wait to find out!


This post might include spoilers. I’m bad at gauging what is really a spolier and what isn’t… :o

I’m willing to give it some latitude to see how things play out. I don’t mind waiting the whole episode before the direction starts to become clear, especially in a season premiere. I appreciate when any show is willing to take chances on shaking up the formula they have established (like Lost and Alias did). They could have chosen to make having the characters remember who they are be something that didn’t happen until the end of the series. But instead the characters know their true identities and we get to see what happens next.

In a show like this, I pretty much expect the introduction of a great number of new characters all the time. There are a lot of fairy tale characters out there and Disney has many IPs for the writers to plumb. It would be a shame not take advantage of that.

That wraith thing was pretty weird, though. For a second, I thought they switched to Harry Potter. I was waiting for Prince Phillip to yell “Expecto patronum”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was also thinking of Harry Potter or when Mulan said Wraith…Lord of the Rings…and was like…where’s the ONE RING? LOL…and actually I thought that somehow…that Maleficent’s dragon form was somehow hiding in that bush or whatever. Actually, there was some confusion how the timeline was working this time…I think they reversed it a little… Oh…and its Expecto Patronus! (Third Harry Potter was my favorite)

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