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In case there are any “Once Upon a Time” fans here, I wanted to share my new blog post about the show: Gaining the World and Losing Your Soul on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.”…e-upon-a-time/

I think I got the right blog entry: Christopher Closeup? The link didn’t work on my iPod so I looked it up and that’s what turned up.

That was cool! I am not a follower of blogs because I simply do not have time, but i read this because it seemed like it would be the sort of thing my son does, and it was!

I was not raised Catholic, and my introduction to the study of literature by marxists and feminists really turned me off, so I do not have the habit of considering stories in this way and so seeing others do it facinates me.

In fact, this gives me an idea for my younger children’s schoolwork…

Thanks for linking this (if I got the rright one :o).

Your link is not working for me.

It looks like Tony has “swam the Patheos” like many a Catholic blogger. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the link:

I enjoyed your coverage of LOST, Tony, so I look forward to reading this one.

Once I catch up (I think I’m 2 episodes behind), I’ll check out your blog

Apparently I can read theology into a TV show, but I’m not able to post a simple link. Thanks to those who made the effort to look for the article yourselves. Here’s the link again if it helps:

Enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing. I’m loving this show!

Thanks, GAHere.

Nice entry!

Thanks, Dandelion!

It’s become a favorite show in our house and I enjoyed your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


Just rereading this now. i had to get an iTunes season pass to catch up on the hehe 14 episodes that I had missed since October or something whenever it started coming on. I appreciate your blog entry! Thank you.

Hello again Catholic “Once Upon a Time” fans,

I couldn’t help but see parallels between this past Sunday’s episode and elements of the Easter story. If you’re interested, the story is at:

Well now! That certainly is a different way to look at it. Thank you for sharing that! :thumbsup:

Interesting read Tony.

I like this show more and more with each episode. AND I’m FINALLY all caught up!

I still need to catch up on the last couple of episodes. I love the series so far. I’m excited to see these parallels to the Easter story; now I have some incentive to find some time for it again!

I appreciate all your comments about my article. I have my doubts that the writers intended to draw parallels to the Easter story, but those are the themes that jumped out at me as I watched the episode. It’s a pleasure to be able to read Catholic themes into a popular TV show. I wish there was more of that kind of storytelling going on.

Really enjoyed what they did with Red Riding Hood. Still wondering who the journalist is and why he was allowed into StoryBrook. Must mean he belonged to the fantasy realm but happened to be away when the curse took hold.

I’m really enjoying Once Upon a Time.

It’s on too early on Sunday’s for me to watch because the kids would be awake so I look forward to during the week since this is a show you can watch on ABCs website.

I don’t know if it’s on ABCs website, but I saw a ‘special’ on Hulu where it had some of the cast and writers or producers or someone. It was interesting. If you watch it though, there is at least twice that some crude language is used.

But in it they mention the journalist and said that who he is and his role would become clear by the end of the season.

I too thought the episode with Red Riding Hood was spectacular.

They do have episodes on I have been hit or miss with the show I mostly like it. I haven’t liked all the shows and the characters that I think I am suppose to like (like Snow white in modern time)

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