TV or Radio Mass

Do to the awkward work schedule I have had over the years I have on occasion either watched Mass ( Local Diocese Taped Sunday Mass, Live Mass service via EWTN ) or Listened to it on the radio.

I was wondering to what extent these Meet our Weekly obligations or don’t. I know I miss out on the actual Eucharist but my intentions are united with the ‘remote’ priest
and I know that these are often aired to reach those that are shut-ins or unable to attend Mass that day/week. It seems that these are certainly better than nothing and
a much appreciated blessing for those who cannot attend. I would just like some clear
instruction as to the efficacy of them… Thank you in advance.

They are very good to listen to, they in no way replace the mass...

no televised Masses do not in any way fulfill our Mass obligation. If we are unable to attend Mass for a good reason, illness, necessary work, caring for someone else, we have no obligation. If it is reasonably possible to attend another Mass at another time and place we do have the obligation to investigate those possibilities and attend if possible.

A broadcast mass–whether on TV, radio, or internet–does not fulfil one’s personal obligation to assist at mass, but it might well become a framework for private prayer if unable to attend that day.

They do not satisfy the obligation to attend mass on Sundays and days of Obligation. However, they are very useful to those who are home-bound and cannot attend. When I took Communion to the home-bound many would watch the TV mass. I would then use a very short form of the Communion service, since they had already received the readings, homily, etc.

I still go to Sunday Mass as the central event of my week. First chance I get, though, I will watch the replay of the EWTN Sunday Mass for the homily. During the week, I download the daily Mass readings and homily so I can listen to them on the MP3 player when I go to bed.


Thank You all for your answers.

The Church does not require that Catholics only take employment that never conflicts with the Sunday obligation to attend Mass. You might talk to your pastor about the nature of your difficulties in making your Sunday obligation. He might be able to help you find a Mass that is available, and give dispensation for cases when he is satisfied that one truly is not available.

Once satisfied that you know the difference between inconvenient and not practically possible, your pastor may well tell you that you don’t have to get a dispensation for each isolated case when you truly cannot go. Still, when such a situation is persistent, talking to our pastors is an especially good idea.

As for the broadcast version, I think that seeking the consolation of hearing a taped Mass whose homily covers that Sunday is an edifying habit, provided it isn’t used as a substitute when going to Mass in person is merely inconvenient.

I also think that EWTN is a particular blessing for those of us not blessed with decent homilist in our own parishes. When you’re trying to bloom where you’re planted and the rain is scarce, a little outside irrigation is a good thing.

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