TV: Parking Wars

Has anybody else checked out Parking Wars on A&E?
I love it! They follow the workers of the Philadelphia Parking Authority; ticket writers, boot crew, tow truckers, all the way to the impound lot. I love it.

I’m ready for a career change, I wanna be a meter maid! :smiley:

We’re from the area so we watch it. Usually we’re just shaking our heads and laughing. We’re just not sure who comes off worse - the “city” in general or the individual people in it.

I’ve always wondered why people want to be filmed when the outcome is a bit up in the air. We used to watch Airline once in a while too. We came to the conclusion that we’d never fly Southwest.

Yeah! Welcome to Philadelphia. Watch where you park.

I love this show. I am fascinated to watch the people scramble to come up with excuses for their dumb actions. In general I don’t like parking people and meter maids, but when I get a ticket I don’t go crazy and turn into a liar like these people do.

I had to do parking enforcement as a regular part of my job when I worked for a university police department. This show cracks me up and brings back memories. They have not shown anything as bad as things we saw regularly. No one has been deliberately hit by a car yet, or spit on, or had drink tossed on them from a moving car. . .

My first job in the dept. was in dispatch and on weekends we had to do impound releases. I had a guy who had been towed from a handicap space try to attack me through the service window which was just an unsecured opening with a waist-high counter. He suddenly started screaming and lunged over the counter swinging at me (a lone woman in an apparently empty building).

Luckily, one of our police officers came around the corner behind him just in time to save him from a crack on the head with a fire extinguisher. He ended up with an arrest record and an expulsion from college in addition to a towed vehicle.

This was my first experience with how crazy a person can get over their vehicle. It was just a bit ridiculous since the tow was only $25 back then and we did not make them pay for the citation before taking the car! During the same time period, the city police charged $200 for a tow plus the cost of the ticket!!

I always argued that we should at least have pepper spray in there, but they never got it. Once I became a patrol officer, I would respond ASAP to calls for help from our parking people because it was amazing how stupid/violent people would get. We had an assistant football coach who tried to run over a pregnant parking officer. Just craziness.

I LOVE this show. Funny you should post this – I was just telling my DH how much I enjoy it yesterday. I watch it in the middle of the night while nursing the baby.

My own funny parking authority story is in LA. I took a friend to get his tongue pierced (like 15-16 years ago) at a tattoo shop. I parked on La Brea not realizing all cars had to be moved by 4PM for traffic. Well it passed four and they nearly got my car but a tattoo artist told me they couldn’t tow me if I were IN the car. So I ran out, jumped in my car as the truck was lifting it, and he had to lower it down. I gratefully took the ticket instead of the hassle of the tow. But talk about abuse! The parking authority lady was so po’d at me for jumping in she started yelling at me!!


A&E is bringing back their series Parking Wars. I love it! It’s the only “reality” show I watch – they follow around the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they go ticketing, booting & towing cars but the real fun is after the cars get towed & folks have to come to the impound lot to get them out. I swear they wouldn’t be as upset if their infant were being held hostage.

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