TV: Parks & Recreation

Has anyone watched this new show? I made a special point to take a look at it last week, as I really enjoy Amy Poehler, and I expected good things. I almost had to turn it off. Her character (sorry, don’t remember the name) embarrassed herself every minute, and I was so uncomfortable for her, I was squirming in my chair the whole time. I won’t be watching again - I embarrass myself often enough without suffering through this.

What did you think?


Being a big fan of her and the office I was looking forward to this series. The first episode fell flat in my opinion so I thought I would give it a try again last week. The second one was even worse. I hope they get better but they lost me.

This show is horrible, I couldn’t sit through five minutes of it. The writing, acting, and directing all bite! I’d have hoped for more substance, but it will not show through with this one, its more annoying than funny. Too bad.

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