TV: Person of Interest

Here’s my original review of it:

I found the show to hold up nicely and actually get better as the season has progressed.

My wife was going to come and watch it with me (Flesh & Blood). She told me to start it and she’d be there shortly. Well, she fell asleep. As I crawled into bed she asked me how it was. I told her best episode ever! It may not have been, but it was in the top 3 easily. :smiley:

I’m still watching. It’s taken some incredible twists and turns. It an interesting juxtaposition between ‘the machine’ and Samaritan. I especially liked this week’s episode where we get to see several of the iterations of ‘the machine’.

I’m watching it right now. :). I’m a few weeks behind, though, and catching up. I think it has been getting more and more interesting.

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