TV: Prison Break, S4

I’ve a commitment to start watching again. I missed most of last season, but it’s really a great show. Any1 else a fan of this show? Seemed pretty interesting during last nights premire.

I’ve never seen the show, but I’m impressed that they’re still on the air. After all, how long does it take to break out of prison? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: They must have really good writers! :smiley:

I liked it when it first started. However, the storyline has become so complicated and convoluted I have no idea what’s going on other than the love affair between the main character and the former prison doctor or psychologist. I think it’s like studying algebra if you fall behind - forget it.


They had him die; oh it’s so heartbreaking. Well it was the end of series and FOX did want to make a lasting mark. Anyone else see the finale or am I the only one of the 147,500 members here who watches the show.

// i saw it…the ending was sad, but funny to see the general sitting on “old sparky” scared to death…i thought he was tough…hmmm…the other funny part was theodore preaching ephesians and they decided for him “prison” and he tells them to rot in hell…oh that was funny…

// i actually thought for a moment that kellerman was going to cheat scofield and everyone else and form a “new company”…

. Yes it seems everybody got what they deserved. Most of the guys got to be with their families back, Don Self became a vegetable, general got the chair like you said, T-bag goes back to Fox River. I thought it was interesting how scofield’s mom looked so normal after the explosion. Something tells me you wouldn’t be back on your feet so soon after standing 10ft away from a charge of C-4. Let alone have fresh make up and good hair too.

Me too, but it was a chance he had to take. They probably would’ve written that in if FOX agreed to another season. It was good thing they finally ended though, I mean I didn’t think it would last that long to begin with.

// yeah that was stupid that christina, after the blast, was plain normal like nothing ever happened…

I wish I wouldn’t have read this thread since now I know the ending but I don’t really care. They relaly ruined a great show in my opinion.

I thought Season 1 was excellent and season 2 was equally as good but with a story like this, that was enough. They shold have ended with season 2 where Scofield keeps the money and ends with that prison doctor and the Mexican dude with his gf and kid and the Corporation in ruins. But no, the season ends with the guys in prison in Pakistan after which I was like, this is just boring and stupid since they are repeating the same story.

Being in law school I am very selective in the shows I watch since I have to budget my time accordingly, and free time is valuable. I generally only watch sports, 24, Lost, and the junk that comes on late at night before I fall asleep.

Glad to know everything worked out and I have no interest in watching that stupid season 3 Was season 4 any good? Maybe I’ll rent the final season.

I didn’t catch much if any of season three so I can’t say much about that. I do think Season 4 was the best along with Season 1. Perhaps you’re right though. After all, the show is named Prison Break. All Scofield needed to do is get his brother out of prison. End of story. However, every show needs to have some extra obstacles; you know for the drama affect. I say they could have shortened it down to 2 seasons and still be really good. I just don’t get why Scofield had to die. It’s like the writers wanted to give you the finger before ending the show.

Same for Lost. God only knows when that show will ever end. The plane crashed on a online. I get the whole first season, but I just said forget it when i saw all this civiliezed people already there, the others, guns, food, sheltor, tools. Yet they couldn’t get off the island for several seasons. It’s still on so there must be something about it folks like about it.

// sucre is puerto rican (and the actor is puerto rican as well) not mexican…

// that is pretty much the point; to get lincoln burrows out of jail, but then they ended up in obstacles which kept it good…season 3 and 4 could have been better…

// as for lost, i don’t watch it anymore…saw season 1 and tried to continue on, but lost interest in it…

Then why is his family in Mexico if he is Puerto Rican? And what difference does it make for purposes of the show?

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