TV programs about ghosts


Not sure if this is the current place for this question. There are programs about ghosts and people exorcising them. I was thinking about it and wondering if to do so it is going against Church teaching to watch the programs.


Well, while trying to unleash the supernatural via illicit means is indeed terribly sinful, watching such programmes (presumably out of curiosity) should not be sinful unless you actively endorse such behaviours. The real question is, why would you want to? There are so many other useful things to do that will actually aid you in holiness. Go pray instead. Or do some gardening. Or catch up on work stuff. Dabbling with the occult, while not always sinful, is always potentially gravely dangerous and should be avoided. Concentrate on the greatness of the holy, rather than the ugliness of the demonic, or the vanity of preying impostors.


I think these shows are so silly and definitely scripted. just like the Bigfoot shows.


The ones that pro-port silly theories are the click bait of the TV world. I love Egyptian archaeology, but I’m pretty sure aliens did not make the Pyramids. I also swear that there are no more “final secrets” to be discovered about the Nazis. I apply the reality test. If the scientific method can be used, the topic is not supported by 99% of people in the field, or if it is “out there” it is clear that it is a scripted; then I’ll watch it. Otherwise these shows are clearly intended for ratings and little else.


I used to watch some of shows where people would tell their stories. One thing that surprised was how somewhere between 30-50% of them ended with an exorcism.


I have watched some of the “Haunting” shows and other shows of that type. There is evil out there, and some of the stories could have some truth to them. If there wasn’t, there would be no need for Catholic exorcists. I watched those shows because they were entertaining. And sometimes I have thought that even if the story were made up, it certainly was scary to watch. :flushed:


Bigfoot shows?! How did I miss those?


Maybe you were playing your flute?


Every show is exactly the same, for every ghost hunting show. "spooky music, long shots on fall day of property, some tale about something someone heard or thought they saw, set up IR cameras, everyone walk around saying “what was that?” and “did you hear that?” … then they present to the property owner “we think there is something here, we didn’t get that much but we just know, thanks for having us” … and that’s the end of the episode.


I don’t watch ghost shows, but I love a good movie about a ghostly haunting ^^


People are forbidden from doing exorcisms.

Only a catholic priest with permission from his bishop may do an exorcism.

So either those programmes are:

  1. fake, and just acting (waste of time to watch)


  1. people trying to consult with spirits (which the Catholic Church condemns, and scripture condemns: ‘mediums, diviners, shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’
    Why? Because consulting with spirits is entering satan’s territory. The ouijii board is an object for consulting with spirits and Catholic Exorcists say it is a common cause of a person needing exorcism.
    To watch a programme which may have real demonic activity: is dangerous.

Final solution:
Do not watch such programmes.


There are genuine catholic alternatives to these shows, which teach about spiritual warfare (the importance of prayer)

Such as the movie ‘The Rite’ (featuring Anthony Hopkins) which tells the true story of fr Gary Thomas book about how he became a catholic exorcist priest.

Or the books:
‘Saints who battled Satan,’

‘A Catholic Exorcist Tells His story’

‘An Exorcist Explains the Demonic’ (fr gabriel amorthe)

‘The Vatican’s Exorcists: Driving Out the Devil in the 21st Century‘

‘The Rite: the making of a modern exorcist’

‘Get us Out of Here’ by Niki Eltz (about the souls in purgatory causing ‘hauntings’ as they look for someone to pray for them)

Go online to
(He is a layperson in the catholic charismatic renewal deliverance ministry and has two free downloadable ebooks of testimonies of his work with priests in houses/ places that were haunted/ cursed.)

These books reveal the importance of not going near satan’s territory (the occult), and the power of prayer/ the Sacraments.


In the shows I have seen, a Catholic priest is the one sought. No one is trying to perform any exorcisms.

A tv program does not have demonic activity. To tell someone that watching a tv show is “dangerous” in this circumstance is utterly ridiculous.


I was really interested in the “ghost hunting” shows when they first came out but I found their “evidence” to be flimsy and I’m pretty skeptical about them. “Ghost hunting” and trying to communicate with the dead and trying to get a response in an occultist way is wrong anyway. A lot of ghost hunters dabble in the occult and invite a lot of bad things into their lives. Ryan Buell, a “celebrity ghost hunter” was raised Catholic and is a good example of this.

I think some of the people that are on the shows might be dealing with truly demonic things and I am interested in documentaries that discuss hauntings and hearing people’s stories, but generally I avoid the regular shows where people are “ghost hunting” – a lot of that stuff just seems pretty bogus.


I agree. I have watched A Haunting in… Where people tell stories of what happened to them, not that they were trying to contact spirits. Also I found the Celebrity haunting shows interesting for the same reason, it went into their early years sometimes and was interesting.

I don’t watch the shows where they set up cameras and call on spirits to show themselves, but only because they usually are pretty boring and inconclusive.


When I was a kid, we had regular programs about ghosts on tv.


Irishmom, You never mentioned that the programme you watch is of a catholic priest doing the exorcisms until this post,:slight_smile:

I did recommend in another post here, resources of Catholic Exorcisms for those interested in learning about this area of the church :slight_smile:

I stated mediums/ diviners contacting the dead is forbidden in scripture and the catechism :slight_smile:


Sorry, on the programs I’ve seen priests doing exorcisms, paranormal investigators, and paranormal investigators who use mediums. It depends on the program because multiple investigations are shown on one program. I know mediums are against the Church, I do not endorse that practice.


I honestly watch them because I think they’re hilarious. There’s this one we call the ‘ghost dude brothers’ and it’s so obviously scripted and fake that we just laugh through the whole thing.

Does it aid in holiness? No. But it’s a nice little distraction every now and then that helps to brighten my mood.

That said, I DO believe that such programs can go too far sometimes. There are a few that come with a heavy attachment to the demonic (I’ve felt it) and those I cannot watch. I turn them off because the evil just oozes through the screen.

I mean… I think if you don’t have the gift of discernment and can’t tell the innocent funny ones from the real ones that it’s probably best to avoid them.

As to whether it’s sinful? I dunno.


I saw a good episode of A Haunting on Destination America.

The mother in the show had used a Ouija board when she was young and then later in her life when her children grew closer to God, the demon attacked.

It was eventually driven out by a priest and the family became very close to God. Sometimes these shows are more than just a repetitive formula, but a good warning not to mess with the occult and that God conquers all evil.

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