TV programs that are OKAY for Catholics to watch

There is another thread going about shows that are not the best for Catholics to watch. I felt that maybe we should try to come up with some tv shows that would allow us the time to relax without feeling we are watching something we shouldn’t.

I’ll start off the list with a few that I enjoy:

The Walton’s

The Cosby Show

Green Acres

I have more, but I’m hoping others will join in.

America’s Funniest Home Videos
Downton Abbey
The Middle
The Food Network
Wheel of Fortune
Price is Right
The Hallmark Channel
Once Upon a Time

That’s just off the top of my head.

My favorite show of all time, and my favorite show playing today (respectively).

Speaking of Lost, has anyone been watching Alcatraz?

I hope it’s ending isn’t as anticlimactic and rage-inducing as Lost’s was. :smiley:

Ugh…green acres. i don’t understand shows like that from the 60’s, lol. But I think that some shows that are okay for Catholics to watch is/are Hollywood Treasure(which is like the item hunting shows on other networks but in this one, they find old Hollywood memorabilia and put it up for auction.), Psych, Murder She Wrote, Columbo. I have others like you but I’m afraid I’m going to get shot down because I’m not sure if you guys would think they’re suitable or not. lol.

Boy Meets World.

Full House- I like this show I believe it is one of the classic conservative shows of The US that we don’t have anymore. I like the messages that it portrays.

Home Improvement- I like Tim Allen he is one of my favorite comedians and most of his movies are family orientated. I like to think of him like a family guy unlike the show Family Guy:D

7th heaven- I used to watch this show all the time with my mom and my sister. I like this show because all though it might not be Catholic at least it has religion as one of its main topics.

I liked what some one (sorry don’t remember who) said on Catholic radio. They were talking about TV. He had liked Seinfeld when it was on.(I think that he was saying he is more particular now. Now, he watched an occasional episode. He said it was like junk food. If he watched more he would start feeling it. There are shows that I feel that way about too. I enjoy them but I can’t take that much of them.
I like some shows that don’t have the same values as I do but have real humor in other situations (BIG BANG) I don’t think that I would watch that every day or watch a marathon of it.
THEN there are those shows who think just saying obscene things IS the humor

I actually wrote a piece on this not too long ago:

One of my favorite shows of all time :slight_smile: Growing up, it was one of the only things we watched consistently.

Little House on the Prairie

Any program is “okay” for a Catholic to watch. I have yet to hear the church condemn any media as intrinsically evil to watch.



Food Network

Religion, sports, and food. What else do you need? :smiley:

There’s no harm though in naming shows that are appropriate for all Catholics to watch, is there? I get tired of reading the threads that state what we aren’t suppose to watch. Its refreshing to read a thread about shows that are very suitable entertainment for Catholics. I know as a parent I appreciate the suggestions.

Since I live in the Far East, I think EWTN would be the best choice between all the American TV channels and programs. And yes, I’m seeing Glee and Family Guy a lot lately. D: Not a very good sign.

haha lol !!! :slight_smile:

How about “Touched By An Angel” or “The Father Dowling Mysteries”?

Community is an okay choice

The Office. My priest even admitted to loving the show

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