TV programs that are OKAY for Catholics to watch

it is a tough question ok for cathoics adults families or children I do on occassion watch modern family I would watch it with my kids I think as an adult it is ok to watch something like that because I know the Homosexual Ifestyle is inmoral

I’ll just say it: I occasionally binge watch Boy Meets World on youtube. I have not found a better and funnier (and possibly Catholic) show about the family than BMW. Needless to say, I have impossibly high expectations for the Girl Meets World remake/sequel coming this year.

I really like Community, although they had a few episodes where they bashed pretty hard on the only openly Christian character. But there’s a lot less of that now. Six seasons and a movie!

And I’ll come right out and say that I loved the ending to Lost. :wink:

I think The Middle is an extremely good show for families, Catholic or otherwise. So much for each family member to be able to relate to, but in a funny way. The addition of Reverand Tim Tom in some episodes and the way Sue and her friends relate to him is great.

Others I think are good for Catholics are:

Last Man Standing
Everybody Loves Raymond
The Andy Griffith Show
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Gunsmoke (big fan, but some episodes are too heavy for kids)
Dancing With the Stars (if you ignore some of the sexier professional dancers)
Lawerence Welk Show (on some PBS stations)
The Chew

I would avoid the LOGO channel which offers programing aimed at homosexuals and is owned by MTV which is questionable as well.

Due to the name In thought it may have been religious (John chap 1). boy was I wrong!

The Office (American version in the Michael Scott years) is possibly my favorite show of all time. Brilliantly funny. But I would not necessarily list it as optimal for Catholics to enjoy. It depends greatly on the particular person’s sensitivities, whereas many others on this list are across-the-board safe.

I will say that I was always annoyed that they made the one Christian character a hypocrite and a terrible example of what it means to be Christian. I guess that’s to be expected from a mainstream super-popular show, but still :frowning:


I’m sure that more than 1 of them were Christian, though they might not have been as vocal about it. However, I guess it’s kind of a fun thing to say that all popular media is anti-Christian, but I don’t think so.

For reference, Angela was definitely not the only Christian. Stanley stated several times that he was Catholic! And he wants “real” Christmas!!!

Watched the linked clip. You go Stanley! Yeah!


Blue Bloods. It doesn’t get more Catholic. Good morals, good guys and a good Catholic setting.

I highly recommend Perfect Strangers - without a doubt my most favourite TV show of all time :slight_smile:

It’s just a real shame that they haven’t officially released all seasons on DVD yet. Only seasons 1-2 are on sale legally. The rest you gotta find somehow on YouTube, or reruns on TV etc. Shame because seasons 3 & 4 have some of the greatest episodes!

I was looking for the like button :slight_smile: the violence and sporadic language make it not for the kids, but it’s my one prime time show a week. Love it.

As an adult, I really don’t see the big deal. Just watch whatever you want to watch. If watching shows with immoral character is going to bring you to sin, then you have much worse to worry about. If you watch a show and you feel uncomfortable then just stop. If there are immoral things done but you know it’s just make believe and it doesn’t influence you at all, then what’s the big deal?

Obviously when it comes to children there’s a difference as their views on life are still evolving.

At least that’s my view of it.

Sorry, I should have said “the one character who’s Christianity is a major component of their character”. Yes, there are minor references for some other characters and I realize that (I’ve seen every Season 1-7 episode 10+ times on DVD), but it’s few and far between and I doubt viewers would identify them as Christian characters.

I will admit, I forgot that Stanley scene you linked, mainly because Seasons 8-9 (post-Michael) were so bad that I watched them once as they aired and have never re-visited them again.

Well said. My skin is thick enough that nothing gets to me.

For the 20 and 30 somethings, with Netflix, i’d highly recommend Emergency! The show is from the 70’s just as the paramedic program was getting going. Far more realistic than Chicago Fire.

How the States got their Shapes from the History Channel. I admit the History Channel can come up with some poor shows but this is not bad and quite educational.

One of my favorite shows! Danny Reagan seems to have a very large precinct though. It seems that his precinct covers most of New York City.

I wonder who’s in charge of the preparation of the family dinner.

-The original ‘Addams Family’
-The Rifleman
-Animaniacs/Tiny Toon Adventures
-Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends
-Code: Lyoko

I know these shows aren’t exactly Catholic, but they’re good for all ages and have good messages like putting others before yourself, loving your family, or are just plain funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

RinoaHeartilly, Final Fantasy VII or VIII?! GO!

Where is the FF thread or forum around here?! I’m about to derail this one!

Ummm no one mentioned Sienfeld or Frasier, both hilarious shows!

How about:
Gilligan’s Island
The Brady Bunch
Star Trek
Star Trek:The Next Generation
The Twilight Zone


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