TV Rants

OK folks, what do **really hate **about the state of television? I am not necessarily talking about specific programs but the state of contemporary television overall.

My rant: I can’t stand the huge explosion of four letter obscenities that are just barely bleeped out. Often the first letter is clearly heard before the incomplete bleep. This practice seems to be occuring on more and more programs and channels every day. It is a totally unnecessary coarsening of television programming and our popular culture as well!

It’s not just cuss words, it’s also commercials advertising sexual products like Viagra and Cialis. :mad:

I agree!! I am so sick of the sexual promiscuity and anti-Christianity that I can hardly manage to watch regular channels.

I have retreated to things like Animal Planet and the History Channel.

So here’s my rant: British imports on the History International. They seem to specialize in anti-Catholicism. Right now, I have on a documentary of the black plague and it’s full of laughable anti-Catholicism. Sigh.

Wish something could be done, but the History Channel has cleverly hidden their “How to contact us to make a complaint” info.

God bless, Annem

Better keep running!

Clearly there isn’t much good to say about the state of tv entertainment… I would say that ‘barely bleeped out cuss words’ is not at the top of the list of problems.

Agree with all the above posts would just like to add why oh why do they insist on running overtly immortal situation comedies between 7 and 9 p.m. when kids can watch them? Why not? Inculturate intro immorality from an early age. Once I would have figured just change the channel but now the question change it to what? Not too many alternatives. It is a shame when even watching the nightly news you should have the kids leave the room because of commercials.

You could just do what my mom has done…buy every single old T.V. show on DVD. I swear we have everything from Get Smart to Cheers, I think the DVD is my moms favorite invention.:slight_smile:

Yes, they ‘barely bleep’ cuss words, but they don’t even attempt to cover taking the Lord’s name in vain. Anyone else noticed this? If I had to choose, (and I’d rather choose neither), I’d prefer to hear a “dirty word” than someone saying “Jesus” when they aren’t praying.

Ah, what great timing for me to find htis thread on ada when I fel discouraged that a family member, not particularly prqcticing her Catholic faith is proud to be well on her way towards a deeper spirituality because she is reading Eckhardt Tolle!! Why is she reading ET? Because Oprah is pumping him!

I am dismayed that people are turnng to tv and tv stars for their spirituality.

I am also sick of tv being x rated, even the commercials. I saw a commercial last week, it was so racy, I thought I’d need to take a cold shower!

I am also sick of flipping thru the channels and seeing 2 gay guys remodelling their house together (click to next channel) 2 lesbians raising their family (click to next channel) single friends hopping into the sack with every Tom **** and Harry (click to next channel) documentary on a transexual going thru gender change surgery (click to next channel) etc. etc. Our culture is so desensitized to all of this. If I did not have a houseful of sports nuts, I would throw the tv into the yard!

I have no complaints. Let people choose what they want to watch. I keep collecting my science fiction dvds anyhow and don’t watch alot of tv.

The birth control commercials during prime time “family” shows. :eek:

That and pretty much every prescription drug on the market, man that bugs me.

What I deplore is the lack of any funny shows that don’t take their humor from private body parts or the gay lifestyle or denigrating everyone and everything or sex or crudities straight out of the toilet.

The only things on TV that make me laugh are the antics of Adam and Jamie and Co. on Mythbusters and the PC vs Mac commercials.

Shameless advertising and promotions DURING the show…not just the commercials.
Also all those really stupid reality shows that they play over and over and over and over. But I don’t watch tha much TV. and I mostly watch old movies, cooking shows, law and order, and anime. But Adultswim has all their Friday Night Premeires on their Webpage now so i don’t have to be in front of the tv. Alot of TV shows are aired on the NET just like television now. I think Scifi channel has a deal with veoh so they air reruns of the Twilight zone. You still get commercials but only one per show instead of like five. Some other chanels have deals too. When I went abroad, my Friend had a prescription to the fox chanel so she could watch all her shows online in Japan. Scifi does something similar but you can’t view anything outside of the US. HBO also does this.Alot of “cable” companies are internet providers now. So you can do your computer stuff through your tv or vice versa. It’s an alternative to TIVO. Alot of tv shows air exclusively on the net now. and some internet made shows can be purchased on dvd as well. I still like to watch movies through my tv because the screen is bigger. But it comes in handy when.

I agree with the Viagra and Cialis commercials - with there not-so-suttle messages.

This didn’t happen overnight. It was a very gradual poisoning.

1950s - 1960s No sex or drugs or profanity. TV stations had what was called a “Standards and Practices” department. A man would appear on TV to tell you that this department watched everything on TV to make sure it was suitable for the whole family.

1970s Sex gets talked about on All in the Family.

Meanwhile, abortion is legalized and so-called Adult Bookstores start appearing all over the country.

1980s Cable because people need “choices.” Porn ends up in hotels and motels. Sue Ellen on Dallas drinking and driving, and JR. More sexual innuendo and suggested acts of fornication.

Meanwhile, No-Fault Divorce completes its sweep of the country.

1990s ABC decides its time for profanity and partial nudity on NYPD Blue. Shock jocks appear on the radio spewing filth. And, of course, the internet becomes another outlet for porn.

2000s Into the abyss. People have forgotten how far they’ve gone from the truth. So-called comedians are cussing and swearing and denigrating and spewing endless sex jokes. George Carlin, Lewis Black, Chris Rock…

The TV character template is ultra-dysfunctional from Desperate Perverts (Housewives) to Two and a Half Perverts (Men). Everything is about sex, sex, sex, and oh, did I mention profanity?

Tossed the TV. Will never get satellite or cable.

God bless,

It ticks me off too. I can’t even watch an NFL game with my kids without being bombarded.

And not only that, these ads are in every magazine that may be of interest to men. I bought a magazine about crappie fishing with these silly ads.

I think there should be one channel with these and similar products, and also feminine products and ABC products. If one needs that information, change to that channel and get it, then get on with your life.

Ticks me off!!!

I can’t stand the kids channels such as disney and those… cartoon networks.
the kids watch these sitcoms that have laugh tracks, I guess i hate laugh tracks.
we move next month and i am seriously considering not ordering cable,
i might miss EWTN but we can get that online right>
the kids used to play more and sing, and be creative. now that their shows are on and we have 2 tv’s they always on.( someone gave us the 2nd one and hooked the cable into it

Like I said. No rants.

Ahhhh, but we love to complain…and yet we do little about it!!

How many of us have actually taken the time…yes, our own precious time to sit down, find out who the CEO of a corporation is…and fire off a letter to him or her decrying the type of program they are sponsoring, the type product they are selling, or the how and when they are advertising it?

Frankly…Catholics, being the single largest Christian denomination in this country…have been “virtual wusses” in this regard. We sit back and allow others to literally “hammer” at our beliefs…and offend us…and then we allow the media and entertainment venues to offend our sensibilities…and yet all we do is meekly “turn the other cheek”.

I believe that “constantly turning the other cheek” is precisely why what happens …happens.

I am bothered by many things…and have decided to begin speaking out, and making it clear that my “Catholic” beliefs will direct and influence the flow of my spending. Other groups have used this tactic successfully…and so its in our best interest to flex our financial muscle to do the same.

I am bothered by, among other things…the fact that XM radio has resisted including EWTN’s broadcasting lineup on their service. To some of you…that may not be that great of an issue…but to me its of some significance. Sirius radio provides it, so what I am going to do is dump XM and get Sirius. My money goes where its best spent.

We are a large enough “group” of people that if we can get organized in any semblance of a cohesive group…we can accomplish much more than posting gripes on a forum!!

Funny thing is though I have no gripes. I already have Sirius radio simply because I preferred it over XM. I never listen to EWTN. I listen to the music. And while I don’t watch alot of tv I prefer having my options and not having them taken away by others who may think they know what is best for me.

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