TV: Rescue Me

I apologize if someone already brought this up, but there was an episode of Rescue Me a few weeks ago, where Tommy’s AA buddy went off the wagon and went into a Catholic Church drunk. He walked up to he alter in which he picket up the cup full of consecrated hosts and said, “It’s just bread!” Then he proceeded to dump the Host’s on the ground and fill the cup with whiskey and started drinking out of it. I think it’s time to put up a major boycott on that program.

That is horrible! I agree. It is one thing to not agree with a religion but to desecrate it is something else.

Not making excuses by any means, but that was Tommy’s cousin I believe, who at one time was a priest. That aside, it just goes to show you the horror of alcoholism.

I’ve been to more than a few AA meetings, so I understand what drugs, and alcohol do to a person, on a physical, spiritual, and societal level. It destroys lives and causes people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do while sober. I’ve also found, at least in the meetings I’ve attended, there are alot of people who also call themsleves, “Recovering Catholics”. What Tommy’s cousin did probably wouldn’t be far out of line with the reality of Alcoholism, and the way allot of people I’ve met in AA feel about Catholicism.

I’m pretty sure no consecrated Hosts were actually desecrated, but in principal they were, and that’s a stab in the heart of every Eucharist loving Catholic out there.

I’m a recovering alcoholic, almost 13 years of sobreity. It is about 10 A.M. and I want a beer right now. Writing this my veins are singing for a beer.

This brings with it a certain amount of helplessness and guilt the non-addicted should never know. Were it not for my faith and family I would be I don’t know where. I can understand a person in an addiction who feels that God has abandoned them and everything they have been taught is false. The anger and guilt can’t stay in, it has to go out even to undeserved places.

I didn’t see the show, I am not a fan of Rescue me. Apt title though isn’t it? I would ask, why was there an untended cup of consecrated hosts where someone could get to it? I would also ask what the …fallout on the show will be? how will this be delt with in futrture shows? Will he repent and come back? While it may have been horrible in THIS episode, what will happen later?

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