TV: Ruby

I recently started watching this show from time to time, and I think this woman is such a wonderful person…and I pray that she continues on her weight loss journey. I feel badly for her at times, as when a person becomes ‘famous’ to a degree, there are so many people who want to ride on his/her coattails. :frowning: I think her story is so interesting and her battle to lose the weight that has held her back for so much of her life, is nothing short of inspiring. Just curious if any of you ever watch this?

Yes I love this show!
Ruby seems like such a sweet person who really loves others and just special.
I too have battled a weight problem, even though I am not as heavy as her I do understand her struggle to a degree. The fact that she is on such a journey is inspiring to me.

*I haven’t watched it too often, but started recently…and caught tonight’s show…did you see it? How she fired her trainers. It didn’t sound like they were training her hard enough…I felt badly for them because they care about her. She is a doll. How about her old boyfriend who wafted in out of nowhere? Please. Hmmm…she has her own show now, so you decide to reach out to her again? Ugh. I am glad she told him…“I’m over you!” Good for you, Ruby.

I think she is incredible to keep trying, and the show is very real in the sense that it shows her tears throughout also. Some reality shows only show the highlights, but this shows her struggle …and it’s not just with her weight. It’s with the reasons behind why she reaches for food so often. I think it’s a good series. *

:thumbsup:Yep I did see that episode!
I think her trainers really care about her but she felt the need to work harder so I understand why she fired them that must have been hard to do.
Yes its good she didn’t go back to her boyfriend if he didn’t love her then he really doesn’t love her now. Love should be unconditional!
Its a good show and I am enjoying following it

This is a great show. Ruby is a wonderful inspiration!

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