TV: Saving Grace

I’m excited about the possibilities of this new TV show on TNT. Let’s all pray it doesn’t turn out to be a huge disappointment. This is a preview video that I found pretty powerful.

This looks really interesting - and surprisingly good! Or at least promising. Plus, the fact that Holly Hunter is the star of this show means it will probably get plenty of promotion.

It looks interesting, but my expectations are not high seeing as it’s TV-MA

The show is about a female detective who is living a life of sin - drinking, drugs, promiscuity. She has this conversion experience that is shown in the video clip. I feel certain that, given the context of her former life, she will no doubt still be confronted with temptations and sin all around her. I am hoping the TV-MA rating is because of that and not due to continuous immoral situations.

They had a advertisement for this on Saturday before the Harry Potter movie. 'course I was just coming back from the bathroom and all but the last 2 seconds of it!

When does it start?

It hasn’t started yet. The premier is Monday, July 23rd. Did you check out the link?

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]AT&T sponsorship mocks God in ‘Saving Grace’[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This week, TNT network premiered a new drama series, Saving Grace, this week presented by AT&T.

Explicit s*x scenes, obscene language, and alcohol abuse were mainstays in the one hour program presented by AT&T.

The primary content of the program focused on mocking God and attacking Christianity.

The show is based on the life of Grace, an alcoholic detective who repeatedly says she doesn’t believe in God. After Grace hits and kills a man with her car, a tobacco-spitting angel named Earl appears to her and offers her help to change her life. She continues to deny God and continues her drugs, alcohol and s*xual addictions with her police partner.

The show included 55 profanities, including the s-word and multiple variations of God’s name in vain presented by AT&T.

Click Here to watch video clips from the program.[/FONT]

Ask AT&T to stop sponsoring TNT’s Saving Grace and its offensive content.

AT&T will block emails from OMM/OMD. Please make a personal phone call to AT&T Chairman Randall Stephenson. Ask for him personally when you call 210-821-4105, opt.3, or leave a message for him.

You might also wish to contact Catherine M. Coughlin, AT&T’s Senior Executive Vice President and Global Marketing Officer. Her email address is
Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman
P.S. Please forward this to your family and friends!

I can certainly support the call to action, given the accuracy of the assertions (TNT isn’t in Canada, and haven’t seen the show).

But what’s with the “s*x” affectation? Sex is not a dirty word. Ask any biologist.



Didn’t see the show, so I can’t defend it, but I will add this:

Wasn’t mocking God and attacking Chritianity one of Saint Paul’s skills before conversion?

And wasn’t wanton sex and alcohol abuse Saint Augustine’s purpose for life before conversion?

And didn’t Christ say he came for the sinners?

Seems to me the entire plot of this series to tell a conversion story. You’ve got to see the bad before the conversion to the good, right?

My guess is that it is used to get it past email filters/censors.

I watched the show. I had been anticipating it’s premier for about a month. I am very sorry to see such a knee-jerk reaction after only one episode aired.

I think the charge of “mocking God” is ridiculous. While the accusations of obsenity and profanity are correct, I did not consider them a mockery. The show is supposed to portray a woman who is a great sinner and it makes no bones about it’s position on her behavior. And I actually loved the “tobacco spitting” angel. His appearance to Grace and what he tells her is completely orthodox. She is chastised for her sexual immorality, her foul mouth, her unwillingness to accept God’s help. The angel tells her she is bound for hell and so are many others. I expected the first show would be filled with profane images and language because they were trying to portray sin. I hoped that would end after she had her “conversion”. Sadly, it appears her conversion is going to be more complicated (as it is for most of us) and ongoing which implies there will be continued wrestling with sin. I suspect there will still be some level of profanity and obscenity.

Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), she is a lapsed Catholic and her brother is a priest. We find out in the first episode that she was molested as a child by a priest. Her brother is a foul mouthed clergyman who, while delivering a fairly orthodox speech about her immorality, does so with profane words. I think the show could be edifying IF it pulls itself out of the “sewer” and focuses on the conversion.

I will continue to watch this show and pray that it turns into a worthwhile depiction of a sinner struggling to find God. If it does not, and shows signs of being yet another anti-Catholic, anti-religion piece of trash, I will join the others in contacting sponsors.

Here is a link for the preview (featuring the angel Earl) I posted in another thread.

Rev. Don Wildmon through his various front groups has made a career out of being outraged by TV shows and the media in general, and threatening boycotts against advertisers.

He’s the white, Protestant fundamentalist equivalent of Rev. Jesse Jackson being outraged by rasicm everywhere and threatening boycotts.

Both make a nice living from this career.

I wish I could find the article I read somewhere that talked about how Grace, the main character?, is a former Catholic and that a lot of the show is about attacking Catholics. May have been an interview with Holly Hunter on AOL, I think. If I can find it I’ll post it.

I don’t know about the “attacking Catholics” part. Yes, she plays a former Catholic. As I said in my post above, she is fallen away and her brother on the show is a priest who has a foul mouth. HOWEVER, only one show has aired and while there were countless offensive moments, I do think it has potential, especially if her character winds up reverting. I think it would be unfortunate to dismiss the possibility that it could be a good show. I don’t have terribly high hopes, but I plan to try watching it again.

Here are the views of

I don’t think Christ helped sinners by imitating them. The Bible doesn’t record any cussing and swearing.

Once again, showing us The Dysfunctionals is the current, consistent trend in television. If this program was a documentary, that would be one thing, but it’s not. If anything, the writers may have decided that adding God might be a new twist on the stale sin, sin and more sin type of television that is now so common. Will it get better? Maybe. But all Christians should be careful about what they watch on TV.

God bless,

I fully agree. I told my 82 year old devoutly Catholic parents to watch the show. I almost had a stroke when in the first five minutes of the show we were subjected to a lurid semi-nude sex scene, a string of filthy language and all the necessary dysfunctional behaviors to make a popular tv show. When I talked with them on the phone tonight, they asked me “what were you thinking???” I am disheartened to read in the Catholic Online article that the second show isn’t much better. Especially this little gem:

As if to further disassociate the series from an exclusively Catholic bent, in the second episode Earl (the angel) encourages her to connect with God, but affirms that it doesn’t matter if she goes to a mosque, a temple or a church.

After the incredibly edifying “God or the Girl” and the even better “The Monastery”, both of which aired on regular tv, I was hoping we might get lucky again. I know, silly me.:rolleyes:

I was looking forward to this show, but once I saw the TV-MA rating I knew it was going in the wrong direction. I didn’t even bother watching the first episode.
One show that is constantly surprising me with it’s Pro-Catholic undertones is Lost. Thats one show Catholics should check ot. You have to look closely sometimes, but there are definate Pro-Catholic undertones in that show.

Have any of you watched the new TV series (2 episodes have aired so far) called SAVING GRACE on TNT?

Basically a drunk fallen (presumed) Catholic police officer is played by Holly Hunter. She leads a sinful life and is given a “last” chance by God.

I’m curious what your thoughts are regarding this show. The portrayal of the angel. The portrayal of a minor character who has a strong faith. Etc.

Any thoughts on this show? Is it good for Catholics/Christians or is it just another Hollywood show about faith gone wrong? The creator of the show (Nancy Miller) is a practicing Catholic. Here is an interview with Nancy Miller : It may also give you some perspective on the show.

I haven’t seen the show, but this inertview will bring the laughs. It includes Holly talking about the show.

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