TV Series - Church In History Mitropolit Ilarion

I am not sure that this breaks some rule about only talking in English, as I think this series of films is very interesting to English and American Catholics. This is 12 film series of History of Christian Church with commentarist Mitropolit Ilarion - now of Volokolamsk, previously bishop of Viennna. Film is in Russian language.

Most interesting will be for Catholics, in this first film of series that the initial images are those of St. Peter Basilica in Rome with words to Peter of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Then you will see Mitropolit Ilarion in Galilea. This followed by explanation of life of Jesus Christ with use of many famous art works. This first film ends with Mitropolit Ilarion in Athins talking about St. Paul and beginning Church.

The second film from series which I have shown below is about 11th century separation of Eastern and Western Church - also many views of St Peter Cathedral in Rome.

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