TV series with Catholic families

I’m trying to make a list of tv series that prominently feature/d Catholic families.

So far all I can remember is American Dreams and Home Front. Surely there have been more than that. I’m drawing a blank though. Someone help me.

Desperate Housewives has two Catholic families, the Scavos and the Solis. but they don’t actually ooze Catholic values on that show

Everybody Loves Raymond.

Wow, I can’t remember any Catholic themes in those shows. Although I think I only watched one episode of Desperate Housewives, but I saw quite a bit of Everybody Loves Raymond and don’t remember anything Catholic about their family.

The Sopranos were Catholic…I remember the episode when Anthony Jr made his confirmation and Uncle P****y was his sponsor…great role model:rolleyes:…and Carmella the mother went to church a lot…I think she tried to be a good Catholic to offset her husbands evil ways…

I can remember episodes on Raymond where they went to the school and it was Catholic. There was a priest in several episodes too. And one in particular in which Raymond wanted to be an usher, so he could stand in the vestibule and count the money, and not actually go to Mass. In a flashback episode to before they got married, Marie brought a priest and a lasagna to Debra’s apartment, trying to prevent them from having sex.

Booth on Bones is Catholic. He wears a cross and talks about it frequently. She’s an atheist and they have some discussions. She tends to overwhelm him intellectually but he still believes. However, he also does things that we would considered mortal sins.

WAY back when, Gene Kelly has a series called Going My Way. I was in grade school, so it was in the late 50s or early 60s. He played Father O’Malley.

Ryan’s Hope was a soap in the late 70s and 80s. It was about an Irish Catholic family on the upper West Side in Manhattan. I was positively addicted to it. The parents, Maeve and Johnny seemed so old, but they were about the age I am now.

The new series “V” has a Catholic priest in it. There were actually 2 of them. In the pilot, the older one made a weird Sign of the Cross, the kind where it looks like he’s brushing away flies.

When people on TV go to church, it’s usually some unspecified Christian church. You see a choir and people singing, maybe a little sermon.

Lynette had cancer and after she was cured she started to think how small life is and started looking for the bigger things. she turned to religion and actually went to different churches including Bree’s, i can’t remember which denomination but it was surely protestant. but she kept interrupting the sermon as she had many questions and Bree felt ashamed of her so asked her to not go to her church anymore. turns out the minister actually enjoyed Lynette asking many questions and was looking for her next Sunday. Bree then was asking her to go back to church with her but Lynette already started going to a Catholic Church and she told Bree it made sense because her husband, Tom, was raised Catholic

that was the last episode for her family and their religion

as for the Solis. they’re Mexican. and Carlos was jailed for tax evasion or something, after he was released his faith was renewed and he wanted to serve the church more and he was working closely with a nun who developed a crush on him which ended with Gabby making a huge donation to the church so the nun will be sent on a mission to Africa. also there are many scenes of them being inside a Catholic Church. i think next week’s preview showed Gabby in a confessional and also what seems to be making a huge donation to the Church (for something in exchange of course)

again, not that they exemplify catholic values on the show. although this season Lynette got pregnant despite being in her 40s and restarting her career after having many kids and being a stay-at-home mom for so long. she clearly didn’t want the baby at first but Tom sees the babies as a blessing and Lynette eventually realized them to be blessings too. i think this is wonderful to show that someone who’s successful and who initially sees getting pregnant as something that will hamper her career still chose life over abortion.

V for sure is a Catholic Church because they were talking about the Vatican. i think the older priest is an alien in disguise though

Doug and Carrie on “The King of Queens” were Catholics. There was even one episode which featured them responding to the “Prayers of the Faithful” during Mass and then arguing about which one’s prayers were most effective! It was actually kind of cute. :thumbsup:

(And obviously whoever wrote the episode had actually been to Mass within the past 20 years - it was actually handled very well.)

The Barrones from Everybody Loves Raymond and the Heffernans from The King of Queens and Joey Tribbiani from Friends. That’s all I can think of right now.

Homer and Bart were Catholic for one episode on the Simpsons. And Stanley from The Office is Catholic.

God bless

Agent Dana Scully from The X Files is Catholic.

So is Dwight.

Many of the characters in “Days of Our Lives” are also Catholic. :o I continually wonder how they are able to get married without annulments or even a six-month waiting period. :rolleyes:

Did you ever see “Just the Ten of Us” in the late 80’s? (Spin-off of “Growing Pains”). Coach Lubbock moved his very Catholic family to Calif. after he accepted a job at a boy’s school. :slight_smile:

There’s a sitcom called Father Ted about 3 priests; very funny.

Law and Order has had many Catholic characters.

Wasn’t the Lopez’s on the George Lopez show Catholic?

I remember Homefront! Is it being shown on any channel?

Luca on ER was Catholic. There were some episodes that he made me proud. The doctors were talking about their “first times.” He was the last to disclose that it was on his wedding night. Other times, though, he would disappoint.:frowning:

Laverne from Laverne and Shirley was Catholic. There was an episode where she had been engaged, and was preparing for the wedding. The priest was the twin brother of the cook on Happy Days, the one who replaced Pat Morita.:smiley:

Really? When did they say that? When he “married” Angela, he used what looked like a Mennonite minister, so I figured that he was something that rural Pennsylvania Dutch would be.

I know they’ve said that Oscar used to be Catholic, but I never heard Dwight.

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