TV series with Catholic families

And Victor Neuman from Y and R. I found that out last year, when he went to Confession.

When I saw the title of this thread, I had one in my head, but now I forgot it! D’oh.

Anyway, I know someone mentioned the Simpsons episode where Bart & Homer become Catholic. It’s one of the best episodes :slight_smile: Especially when Marge goes to Protestant Heaven and the rest of the family goes to Catholic Heaven.

Chase on House is Catholic, but not practicing. He did go to Confession after killing a man (evil dictator) but the priest would not give him absolution.

I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet. I tape a lot of stuff and watch it in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. I wouldn’t be surprised though. I didn’t expect the blond lady’s partner to be one. I do not want to see her and the priest get involved. That will annoy me.

Talking about confession made me remember that Shawn and Gus on Psych went to confession this past season. Gus was good friends with a priest from their childhood parish, but Shawn was typically Shawn, blowing off any significance his faith may have had. Kind of realistic, in a sad way.

I didn’t watch George Lopez’ sitcom much. I don’t remember any religious references at all, but I probably saw the same few episodes over and over. I watched the monologue on the talk show Monday, but didn’t stick around for any more than that. I thought it was really labored, working way too hard for laughs that didn’t happen.

I LOVE THAT SHOW!! TOTALLY watched it EVERY night I was pregnant…I dont know of any other catholic families but I’m definitely feelin’ the need for one especially with that new ‘Modern Family’ show thats starting on…what? ABC??? :eek:

And I just saw this the other night!! I looooved it!! haaha aha and when they go to the two different heavens! lol…I’m sorry just had to ditto that episode! AWESOME!!

From Dunderpedia (:)):

In The Carpet, Dwight tells a joke about a nun to a customer on the phone. The customer gets offended and Dwight responds “I am Catholic too.”

I was surprised at that, too. It seems like his family used to be Amish (just look at cousin Mose!). I guess it’s possible that he’s not really Catholic but merely said that in order to smooth things over with the customer he was talking to.

Interesting…I never would have guessed! :smiley:

Speaking of soaps, One Life to Live is filled with numerous Catholics. But the only one that is devout is Carlotta Vega. She is a middle-age widow who works hard and raised 2 grown sons, who are Catholic only when they are getting married or at deaths door.:rolleyes:
There is a younger Catholic family with a teenage son, who was having pre-martial sex and they totally disapproved:thumbsup: Refreshing to see a father tell his son it is a sin, instead of slapping him on the back and giving him a condom. Unfortunately they made the dad look bad:(

Also some others but they are catholic (small c) in name only

I am surprised that there are so many catholic character on tv shows past and present .With the catholic bashing ,I wonder how many of them send a postive message ?

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