TV: Sex with Mom and Dad

I am curious to know if anyone else has seen this MTV reality show. I have teenagers in the house and I don’t want them to watch this - primarilyl because of the lack of the support for moral issues.

I agree that kids should know everything about “safe sex” but I also feel very strongly that abstinence/chastity should really be the focus.

What say you?

Little Mary,

I’ve seen it.

I am strongly of the opinion that it’s actual purpose and it *primary *effect is to *normalize promiscuous sexual behavior.

*It’s a horrible show.


Well put. I agree with you.

I haven’t seen that show, but I’ve seen the commercials. My advice? Get rid of your cable connection immediately. I saw the commercial for it when I was watching “the Island” at my friends house. It is all complete rubbish. The previous poster was spot on. They want to normalize despicable behavior. That’s true on “sex with mom and dad” and “the island” and whatever else. I watch television very sporadically, and after watching MTV for the first time in years, I was completely convinced that I would never allow that filth in my house and if I had kids, I would throw my television in a bonfire. some of it seems so innocent, but that is exactly what is so horrible about it. I wouldn’t even want my kids to know who Paris Hilton is. I can’t say enough about this.

Like I said, I haven’t been keeping up with television in the past 8 years, but my recent experience with MTV shocked me. The degradation is exponential. I am young, but what passed for “racy” in my teenage years is now comparable to Spongebob. You parents should all be very much afraid for your children. Keep in close contact to make sure that Paris isn’t getting the upper-hand with your child.

I just don’t like MTV !!
In their early days , they were great ,
but nowadayzzzzzzzz :sleep: :sleep:

Salute & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:
– Laurent LUG (.@…), october 25, 2008

I think I caught a few min’s of this inadvertently while surfing channels. Is this the one where the girl goes to the “hip” Dr. & he sends a box of “toys” home with the girl? Her assignment is to have the boyfriend over, and discuss the use of them WITH the PARENTS – UGH!! Dis-gus-ting! I’d like to see a follow-up show in 10 yrs to see what the parents think of what they did, but that’ll never happen, unless perhaps they convert and end up on The Journey Home show!

What they never tell on these shows is how many abortions or sti’s the women who are featured have had; thinking of the Girls Next Door (Playboy Bunnies), housewives of Orange Cty.

We need to pray for these people. California seems to be the new Soddom & Gomorrah, not that it doesn’t happen elsewhere.

Lord Have Mercy!

Not a saint yet…

Cut the cord!

Well, one good way to stress prevention of STD is that the only 100% fool-proof method is abstention.

It’s also a good idea to take an analytical approach to the media: they show so much sex because that’s how they get ratings. It doesn’t mean that’s how people really do live. It’s all phoney. It’s good to mention this because sex is splattered all over TV and movies, not just MTV. Even without watching MTV, they’ll still see it around, know what I mean? If TV were more honest, everything would look like security cameras.

So, it’s good to train them to take an objective, critical view of TV and movies. It’ll also fight against anti-Catholic bias which is so rampant in the media.

I have not had a TV in the house that was hooked up to an antenns, cable or satilite in over 10 years. Of course I had heard about this show. I just did not know exactly what it was about.

wow…sounds like the something seen on the Tyra Banks show. well…the concept is similar - i watched one episode where they brought in about 10 kids ranging from 14-17yrs and their parents. The kids were from a variety of different backgrounds. and as usual, Tyra had a ‘psychologist’ or sum sort of b/s person like that. one girl who spoke said that she didnt use protection and she was about 14 or something - and Tyra said - ‘o, now what do you need to remember to do next time. use protection’ acting like its the biggest mistake in the world - ‘being safe’ - nonsense i say. They had their parents sitting behind them when the kids were talking about the issue with Tyra. This psychologist was honestly soo useless, he only talked about - if the guy wanted date rape a girl etc etc. but one of the other things was - Tyra got one of the parents to admit that sex is pleasurable. Then the daughter nearly flipped (obviously, the reactions - ‘gross’) - and Tyra was like, ’ yeah, its hard getting over the fact that our parents have had sex’ (well dah, how would you be born in that case).
like i always say, Tyra’s show is honestly full of relvativism. In contrast, i say that Oprah looks like a goddess in front of Tyra. She at least has morals.

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