TV show: Touched by an Angel

What do you all think of this TV show? just wondering :slight_smile:


Though I haven’t watched the movies, I’ve read some of the books and really liked them. However, I’ve heard that they have some not-so-Catholic themes… I don’t what they are though :frowning:

Have not seen it in years, but I used to be a regular viewer.
It was a wonderful show, we need more shows like this on broadcast prime time.

I am going to be honest here and tell you that I do not like that show (or 7th Heaven). I guess it’s a nice feel good tv show with a more positive message than the other bad tv shows on nowadays (desperate housewives for example) As a Catholic I find it difficult to watch because they so completely don’t understand the Catholic Church and it’s strictly meant for a Protestant audience. The entire concept of angels in training and being here on earth existing as real human people comes across to me as disrespectful at times to my beliefs. I think it’s a good tv show and am not saying it shouldn’t be watched- because the overall theme about God is inspiring and hopefully reaches people who might not otherwise know about God–but from a Catholic perspective I only would recommend watching it for the benefit of perhaps better understanding how to evangalize better and reach out to your friends who might not know about the differences between Catholics and Protestants. I personally give it a thumbs down…but that’s just my opinion!

I think as long as you aren’t watching it as a theologically accurate road map, it is a good show and much better than most of the garbage on the air ways. I don’t fault it for not being 100% Catholic, because it is not a Catholic show and never claims to be. I haven’t see it since I was a kid, so I really don’t remember many of the details other than it was meant to be “feel good” tv. I believe the actress Roma Downey, who plays the main angel is a practicing Catholic and has said so in interviews…but someone can source me on that.

I hated this show and soon stopped watching it. I found it to be at times macabre and with a capacity to traumatize children with its constant depictions of death and near-death situations. I thought it was ponderously preachy and carried “political correctness” to sometimes absurd levels. I was also soured when Della Reese threatened to leave the show when she discovered that co-star Roma Downey was getting paid more than her. Obviously, the characters and scenario hadn’t rubbed off on the cast. The show is morbid, sanctimonious drivel masquerading as family entertainment.

I love the show…it’s re-run on Hallmark.

I have the first several seasons on disk…a gift from my brother.

To me the show has a positive message of the immanence of God and seeks to give the message that “God loves you.” and “Don’t be afraid.”

thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile:

personally, I used to watch this show a lot but now I don’t really watch anything anymore because I’m so busy… lol! But I think it’s a pretty good show, even though it’s not perfect of course, but it’s better than many other things on TV. At least it’s about God and how He loves us :slight_smile: I didn’t really notice anything anti-Catholic in it, - but I was a Protestant at the time so I don’t know maybe I just missed it. I also heard that Roma Downey is a Catholic.

Don Schneider, my impression was that the reason there’s so much about death, is because they were trying to reach out to people who went through suffering or lost loved ones… that was my perception of it. I agree that sometimes it was preachy though, but other times it wasn’t. About the actors… I don’t know, I’ve never heard that.

One of the concerns I have about the show though, is how sometimes it would portray the Angels as imperfect and a bit worldly, like how Tess really liked her red car, etc… that’s not necessarily wrong, I mean, - of course they were trying to write the show in such a way that the characters would be relateable and interesting to watch… but I guess that part is not really theologically correct.

What I liked about the show is how at the end Monica would tell people about God’s love and encourage them, I thought that was nice, especially compared with all the trash (sorry but it’s true…) on tv these days.

God bless :slight_smile:

I liked it, but it got a little silly sometimes I thought. But hey, compared to grubby, sweaty people plotting against each other on deserted islands, people with rolls of fat trying to lose weight, Hollyweird scoops, unmarried people all sleeping with each other, gory autopsies… I’d probably watch it if it came back on a network.

I liked Joan of Arcadia a lot more.

I have now 2 nights a week I don’t watch TV at all. It’s a nice change. There is good stuff on the radio sometimes.

While a lot of the episodes were good, I remember one “not so Catholic theme.” Basically, a wife was convinced to take her husband off life support after he spent years in a coma and it was made to look like a good thing. The basic point was, “even though his heart is beating he’s already dead.” That I am not so happy with.

I personally really enjoy the show. I know good wins in the end but always enjoy how they get there. I ignore things that may be out of line with true Catholic ways and just watch it for what it is.

Oi! I resemble that remark!! :mad:

I usually enjoyed the show, especially when I was feeling down. I never took it as theologically sound – I treated it more as a fantasy, similar to Arthur and Merlin.

The things I took from it were:

  • God loves you.
  • Trust Him.

Oh, and “If a backlit Irish redhead gives you advice, heed it…” :smiley:

I only caught a few episodes over the years, but from what I saw, it was okay. :slight_smile:

I hate this show to be honest. It is so cheesy and corny and the acting is soooooo bad! It literally makes me want to run from the room screaming:eek:

There actually was an episode where the younger angel appeared in front of an audience and said “Fear Not!” and they all did run from the room screaming.:D:D It was very funny.

It would depend on whether 3 EEGs were done to see if his brain was also “dead”. If so, it would be moral to take him off life support.

I didn’t see that particular episode.

The show is fantasy, of course. I enjoyed it!

I didn’t watch Touched By an Angel but I watched Promised Land which was a “spin-off” sort of and now they have it on the Gospel Channel in reruns - love that show!

This show had really high ratings, and many other middle of the road religious shows also have done well, but the powers in Hollywood have still pretty much killed the movement even though they are desperate for ideas.

On the other hand God probably does not want us to be spending too much of our time watching Christian lite programing like this. It is great for getting us started on our Christian walk, perhaps even getting us restarted if we have fallen, but it is more children’s milk than adult’s meat to use St. Paul’s analogy.

I am involved in Catholic public library ministry. I encourage my local public library to include Catholic and even some general Christian works into the public library. I have wondered if I should buy a season of Touched by an Angel for the public library. We already have most of the Catholic classics: “The Passion of the Christ,” “A Man For All Seasons,” and others.

You can find more about my work at my web site.

I am thinking of writing mere Christianity web pages for suggesting books, and DVDs. The idea would be to encourage all Christians to get material for the library that was pro Christian but denomination neutral. I am very Catholic myself, not at all neutral, but it seems unreasonable to ask people who are not Catholic to support a Catholic project. Perhaps Touched by an Angel could be a good project for denomination neutral pages on suggesting Christian books and media to the public libraries.

If I do mere Christianity, denomination neutral, I intend to by more neutral than C.S. Lewis.
He was critical of those who argued for their denomination. My stand would be tolerate everything that is reasonably Christian, including what many people would regard as intolerant support for one denomination or another, or even anti-denominational attitudes.

Of course I would have to tolerate those who argue for their denomination, as I have web pages that argue for the Catholic faith, for example.

I loved watching however I don’t remember it having too many catholic themes .

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