TV shows- immorality and near occasion of sin


Hi guys,

I haven’t been on this site for a long time.

I am having difficulty understanding the morality of watching tv shows/movies that promote immoral lifestyles.

Many tv shows/movies involve characters engaged in premarital sex amongst other things.

When I do watch some shows I don’t do the same things that the characters are doing.

I do sometimes get tempted to view those issues in a different perspective.

Am I sinning even though I don’t particularly plan or act on the temptations.

Thank you.


Are you still under the care of the nun and priest for your scruples? I would suggest talking with your regular spiritual director for this question, not random internet answers by people who don’t have context regarding your struggle to discern every day things.


TV reflects the value of the culture which includes glorification of sexual pleasure as a wonderful thing and the best thing in life especially for women. Well, the commercials reflect this also, with all the commercials about sexual performance, etc. We do have a TV, but generally watch the classic movie channels, old reruns and EWTN plus sports. We can freeze and fast forward thru the commercials and record the great classic movies for viewing at our own convenience. As you say, you are sometimes tempted to change your viewpoint on sinful behaviors. This is what is known as a near occasion of sin for you. Having a good conscience should eliminate watching most of the nonsense that is supposed to pass for entertainment. Your assessment of the overall picture is absolutely right on. Find some ways to entertain yourself aside from watching mainstream TV rather than continuing to be tempted to change your wholesome Christian values.


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