Tv shows with sex scenes, sinful?

Hi, I’ve been dealing with kind of an internal battle over whether or not something is a sin. There’s a show I like that has sex scenes, they aren’t really graphic but when I do watch this show I fast forward through these scenes. At times I stop watching the show completely. The show also has some homosexual character, I also fast forward through any romantic scenes with the homosexual characters. Is watching this show, even if I fast forward sinful? I am not tempted in any way even times in the past when I did watch these scenes. Yet I still worry. I’ve researched a lot and there’s so many different views on this and doesn’t seem to be a specific Church teaching on this issue. I’ve brought it up in confession to a few different priests and they said it’s ok. I wonder if my conscience is really bothered or if I am being scrupulous. Thanks!

If your priest is telling you not to worry about it, then try and calm down. It is walking into the world of scruples and that isn’t a fun place to be. It is fine if you choose not to watch those shows any more, I have literally tossed out a lot of movies i really enjoyed by actresses who opened their big mouths and came out in full support of abortion, and their movies had no sex scenes or nudity, it was just a great action movies I enjoyed. An I prefer to not know an actor or actresses personal opinions for as long as possible because I usually end up really disappointed.

Nothing wrong skipping sex scenes in a movie or show I have had to do just that plenty of times watching shows and movies with my family or parents when they are around. It is beyond awkward for one., an 100% of the time in any movie ever, the sex scenes are completely gratuitous and adds nothing to the story line at all. Put it like this, Christan Bale as Batman, or J. Phoenixs Joker, no sex scenes. Why ? Well; Duh ! I have no problem with homosexual characters in a show or movie, as long as it pertains to the story line itself in a nonsexual manner. An deals with treating people with fairness and respect.

There isn’t specific Church teaching on this topic, you are right, and that is very interesting indeed. When other social issues have come up in the past like contraceptives as an example, the Church has spoken up about their position on it.

Keep doing your own research though on scruples and see where you fit into it, and do some more research on what constitutes giving into sin, there are a few levels one has to bridge to commit a sin, an then lastly if it is something that is still bothering you, keep talking to your priest about it an just ask for more guidance. If you think you are falling into Scruples as your priest for help on that too.

You are doing fine. give yourself a break .

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You are not being scrupulous by recognizing the perverse and profane for what it is. Your conscience recognizes it for what it is, but your attachment leads you on a quest for justification. . . . Be cautious. Look towards the saints and consider how they would respond.

My advice would be to find something more wholesome to watch.

Instead of discussing this with “A few different priests”, I would suggest that you discuss issues like this with one priest whom you know and trust, and follow what he says. You may need to make a time to discuss it outside of confession.

Also, if something you watch is bothering you to this degree where you’re skipping the questionable scenes and you’re not being tempted, and yet you’re still worrying about sinning by watching it, then perhaps you should just stop watching it and see if that solves your problem.


It seems to me that you are moving very well, perhaps because you are acting like me :wink:

I had the same question back then, i even asked the forum staff for help and based on what they and ~4 priests told me, you can watch that series but when a sex scene comes up you gotta skip it, if the series in question is about something sinful there is no reason to watch it, the same aplies to violence and gore.

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It’s not that anyone is being blasé about perversity or obscenity. I think we all (at least, all of us Catholics) would agree that pornography is verboten, for example.

The problem is the person with scrupulous tendencies talks themselves into thinking everything qualifies as obscene. Saying “follow your conscience” works fine for most people, but some people have an oversensitive radar for this stuff.

The other thing I notice is that scrupulous types tend to be very anxious and want to seek multiple opinions for reassurance. Most people are able to just intuit where that line is.

I’m not saying OP is scrupulous. Just saying that may be why some people mentioned it.


And you put yourself in anxiety-inducing situations because…
Is it possible you are making a very simple solution very complex?

Thank you everyone who responded! I appreciate the time you took and your thoughts.

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