TV shows you dislike

mine is housewives of orange county/atlanta/etc. its always on cuz of my mom watches it(kind of confusing cuz my mom is like HARD CORE Catholic). i hate cuz they always drag Our Savior’s name in the mud and the Lord’s. also they are basically idolizing clothes,fashion, and jewelry like that stuff instead of God and the long run. they act like they are still in high school.they are always saying "shut up’ to their 4 year old kids and stuff like that form what i can hear. so sad. i think it goes against our religous values. i’lll be praying for them to see the light.

well that my opinion… post any shows you dislike.

Probably too many to mention now.

I used to like CSI (the original, and tried Miami after giving up on the original), but storylines have been becoming raunchier and raunchier (sp). The last straw was a scene where one of the CSIs did something that, let’s just say, would get most professionals fired for indecency (in the form of a bribe for each truth/lead) in front of a suspect.

There’s this cartoon (Family Guy - I think. Might be another one) that my sister and my dad watches (I think it’s meant to be adult humor/satire). Apparently, it also drags the Lord’s name into the mud (Catholic jokes, too, it seems), since my sister brings it up at the dinner table and repeats it, laughing hysterically at times, too. Some of the “jokes” are disgusting, too.

99% of Reality TV shows. About as real as a WWF Wrestling match outcome. :rolleyes:

TLC is also a network whose quality of shows are starting to go downhill. There’s still a few holdouts, though, but it’s starting to get into the Reality TV trend.

There aren’t too many TV shows I DO like. I noticed you identified yourself as being from Illinois, the “Land of Disappointment” I too am from Illinois. One of the biggest disappointments is our governor the one who has the unpronounceable last name! Also all the jobs that are leaving here in favor of locating elsewhere.

as far as TV goes I found that I really don’t like anything there(including most of the news) & I have far more time than if I had been watching - best advice, “TURN IT OFF !!”

I am still glad you remember it used to be called “WWF.”

I also dislike the 4Kids version of Yu-Gi-Oh! What a disgrace! And I do not like Family Guy. I do not watch much TV also.

Regrettable shows include two and a half men rely on good writing, a well chosen cast, and a beach-house setting to humorously promote explicit sexual references, and glorifying a promiscous lifestyle in a pseudo family setting; and other shows doing the same or gloriying and’normalizing’ homosexuality

i was thinking sports wise, but yah, the government is to.

That’s my thoughts exactly!

I don’t follow sports but I guess you are right about that also. Really thought there for a while that the White Sox and Cubs were finally going to snap their losing streak but as they say “Maybe next year!”

Are you serious? The Sox had no streak to snap. The Cubs are a different story. Heck, the Sox got farther then the Cubs did this year! :thumbsup:

As i said Im not that avid a sports fan. All I know is today it was announced that the Tribune Company owner of the Cubs and several newspapers and radio/TV stations is in the process of filing bankruptcy.

I’ve always disliked the 700 Club with Pat Robertson. :banghead:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

not to mention the PTL Club with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, also Voice of Victory with Kenneth Copeland, and any other lunatics that preach the “Prosperity” Gospel (and I use that term loosely) which is not nor can it be based on the teachings of a Man who was an itinerant preacher all his life, who had “nowhere to lay His head” and was buried in a borrowed grave.

Well, that stinks! :frowning:

Yeah. But corporate bankruptcy seems to be the name of the game these days. I was bankrupt at the beginning of this decade, Chapter 13 (that’s the kind where you pay back a portion of what you owe). Was one of the unhappiest days of my life when I had to go to the lawyer’s office to sign those papers. The other unhappiest day was this past July 24, when I was laid off from the job I’d held for over 30 years. Thought my life was OVER that day. I’m still trying to get over it after over 5 months.

Wow, that stinks even more! :frowning: :frowning:

I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight. :thumbsup:

Thanks duude. I appreciate that.

No problamo! :smiley:

Kill your television.

Read a book instead!


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