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I am not coming to judge anyone but i know a lady who doesn’t allow her kids to watch shows such as family guy and king of the hill because she thinks they are inappropriate which they probably are. but she lets them watch army wives, Reba, all these cop shows such as ncis and blue bloods, and a number of other shows that would be inappropriate. why would someone object to the first two shows but allow all the other ones which in my humble opinion are worse.
kids ages are 14 and 20

Maybe there have been specific instances where this lady has seen that King of the Hill and Family Guy have influenced her children more negatively then the other shows that you mentioned have. She might control her children’s viewing habits after seeing the negative behaviours associated with watching certain programs but isn’t pro-active about regulating her children’s viewing habits.

That said, I don’t personally agree with this approach. If I ever get married and have children I am quite confident that there won’t be a cable connection to be found in my house!

Heck, I’m not a kid or have kids but I’m sickened by the amount of sex and sexual suggestions in nearly ever sitcom. I do understand the amount of racial changes increasing in shows, commercials, etc with the passion liberal Hollywood exudes for the present administration and their desire to force socialism on America but sex, sex, sex? Can’t that be a private issue?

Have you ever watched NCIS or Blue Bloods? Very appropriate for that age group.


What in the world does that mean?

King of the Hill? Really?:eek:

Well true. but so is king of the hill. I understand why she doesn’t let them watch family guy but i mean king of the hill is not bad.

what do you mean ?

Everyone has their own opinions about what is appropriate. I would stop with these seven words.


The right hand should not know what the left hand is doing … unless there’s some logical and productive reason like saving the children from an abusive situation, etc…

Wait…her are kids are 14 and 20 and she doesn’t allow her oldest child to watch family guy and king of the hill? He/She is 20 years old. He/She can make up his/her mind about it. I understand about the 14 though.

The mom most certainly can dictate what can and can’t be watched in her house. :wink:

I think that the main reason for teens to not watch endless TV is that it is a waste of their real lives.

Most teenagers in the U.S. are healthier, fitter, and more beautiful then they will ever be. They are also idealistic and optimistic and they want to help make the world a better place, and they want to have fun and adventures and solve mysteries and put on shows and do sports and hang out with friends and dance…

What a shame to waste all of that beauty, health, fitness, and positive energy watching TV, which isn’t even real (except for the reality shows, and they’re not totally real, either–we see what the editors want us to see).

They’ll never get the chance again. Once they are in their 20s, they will (hopefully) be working and that leaves little time for all the fun and adventures.

When I was growing up, we weren’t allowed to watch much TV as children because most children were expected to play outdoors after school until dinner time, and after 8:00 p.m., primetime (family time) ended and “adult shows” were on (which by today’s standards, were really children’s shows). We always watched Sat. Morning cartoons (while eating cereal on the floor!), but most of the other shows were watched as a family (e…g, The Jackie Gleason Show, or Milton Berle).

However, in middle school, I watched as much TV as I could. I loved all those shows featuring gorgeous male stars, and loved people like Sajid Kahn and Davy Jones, etc. I think that it’s important to allow middle schoolers to be as “normal” as possible, and if the show has any degree of decency, it’s probably a good idea to allow the young teen to watch it so that they will fit in with their peers. It is dreadful to be an outcast in middle school; most young teens don’t have the “armor” yet to be able to face exclusion from the peer group.

But in high school, I never had time to watch much TV. I was living a real life and doing real things. I knew that The Brady Bunch was on, but I never watched it until years later, when I had babies, and it was fun to watch BB while I was nursing.

Of course, back then we didn’t have the VCR, so if we missed something, we missed it until the summer re-runs.

I don’t have kids so it has not been a direct problem for me. I have seen King of the Hill and liked it. Family Guy I found very offensive and being a cartoon on at supper time bothers me a lot. I have no problem with Reba, I liked it.
Last night every show I watched on CBS had sexual innuendos in them and I get very tired of that. Other shows are very graphic in body parts, swearing, insults towards Christianity and morality in general. Other shows have dysfunctional families while the other couples are shacking up with few problems.
Back in the 1970s I would watch cop shows and I knew who the bad guy was as soon as I saw someone wearing a cross. So I turned them off because I knew the ending. I noticed this before I was a Christian.

B. ack in the 1970s I would watch cop shows and I knew who the bad guy was as soon as I saw someone wearing a cross. So I turned them off because I knew the ending. I noticed this before I was



The bad guys wore crosses. I didn’t watch cop shows but what a sneaking way to hide anti-Christian sentiment.

The ‘bad guys’ are the ones who need Christ the most!

We ditched cable, couldn’t be happier. We did buy a Roku for EWTN and CatholicTV though. So no, I don’t think they are appropriate for any age group. :slight_smile:

Person of Interest is an awesome new action-drama show. no profanity or sex. reccomended.:cool:

I watched Reba when it was on. At least the mother was not telling her daughter to abort the baby. When the father of the teen daughter’s baby…when his parents kicked him out, Reba took him in. The teenagers got married and they had to deal with everything…

So, while it is not a good example of a modern 21st family and some stuff was a little adult at times…it was a fairly decent show. Plus, Kelly Clarkson guest starred in the last season and I loved the end of that episode! (they made fun of American Idol)

I agree with not letting a kid watch Family Guy…that show is FILTH. The Simpsons is MILD compared to Family Guy.

Though I rarely watch The Simpsons anymore…ever since the season premiere a few years ago where they made fun of the priest sex scandal by having a parade with a float with the “heterosexual priests of the Catholic Church” on it…I was disgusted. The earlier Simpsons seasons was good…I loved the baseball episode where the nuclear plant has a softball team and gets real baseball players to come and play…and then strange things happen to everyone except for Darryl Strawberry.

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