TV: So You Think You Can Dance? IV

The summer hit SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, hosted by Cat Deeley, keeps viewers moving to a different beat as dancers skilled in everything from the ‘street’ styles of Hip-Hop, Krumping and Popping to Ballroom’s Salsa, Quickstep and Jive compete to be named the nation’s favorite.

In its third season, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE finished Summer 2007 as the No. 1 show in its time period among key demographics. The Season Three champion, Sabra Johnson, was voted America’s Favorite Dancer and waltzed off with the cash prize of $250,000. Following the season finale, the Top 10 dancers embarked on a cross-country, 50-city performance tour.

Looks like a good start to season…

When they get to Vegas the real competition begins!


Cat Deeley is a good personality, however is the worst dressed host on TV in my opinion. What they have her wearing sometimes is a distraction because it is so horid.

But I always love this show.:thumbsup:

Don’t watch it and probably won’t tune it, BUT…

I was channel flipping and I caught the kid who does that “poppin’” or whatever they call it and I gotta say I was impressed.

Looks like from tonights show,there will be some very talented dancers and some real characters:D

I do enjoy this show, but I don’t know why I watch it before they choose the final ones…its so hard to see them work so hard in auditions and not make it…However the final 20 are chosen so the real show starts …

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