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I think South Park has gotten a bad reputation. Not to say they diserve a good reputation, but are by far one of the most balanced shows around. Sure, they made fun of catholics, but who doesn’t? Besides, they rip on Scientologist and Mormans way harder, using their actuall beliefs for their jokes.

They also balance jokes between Conservatives and Liberals really well to.
Like the recent episode on the election. Putting Obama and McCain in cahoots, as jewlerly thiefs, using the emergancy trian tunnel under the whitehouse, to dig into a museum and steal a dimand!

Any way, Its a funny show, fair and balanced.

I must admit that South Park is one of my guilty pleasures. My (gradually developing) problem with it is not that it makes fun of the Church but that it can get pretty dirty at times. But SO funny!

I agree, Besides the volgur and crudness, its great! Im preaty conservative, and I almost have to tune in.

I think the civil war episode is my favorite.
“Red Badge of Gayness”. (it has nothing to do with gays):thumbsup:

I think its crude and vulgar. But the guys who do it are geniuses, and I watch it. Its pure comedic genius!

I can’t watch it. I’ve seen some episodes and it is another version of Adventures in Dysfunctional Land, which pretty much describes most shows on TV. It is witty but only in a negative, non-Christian way. I urge all of my brothers and sisters in Christ to avoid it. A little girl walks up to her teacher and says, “Stay away from my man, b****.” That is funny? You want that rolling around in your head? If you medidate on the crass and vulgar, it will affect you.


The first couple of seasons were okay. Now, unless you are steeped in pop culture, you won’t get about 75% of the jokes

I dont watch it on tv, but get the dvd of the series over time.

Funniest thing ever - and very very clever. :thumbsup:

Like many television shows, South Park is beginning to run out of steam. I admit that I watch it now and then, and the earlier episodes could be funny in a crude way. However, after having watched the South Park Movie, where one character vocalized repeated and direct blasphemies toward God, I have rarely watched the show afterward. In fact, when I walked out of the theatre (before the movie ended), I drove to another town and immediately watched another movie to try and get the words out of my mind.

By being able to laugh and poke fun at everything, our society now has a large number of people who consider nothing sacred. One has to wonder what went through George Carlin’s mind as he stood before the Lord Jesus, whom he had so long insulted.

I’m with you, Ed. I can’t handle the vulgarity. One of my friends watches South Park and a number of similar programs, and often talks about how cleverly they satirize current trends in pop culture and current events. That may be true, but I often wonder how she sits through the vulgarity long enough to figure all of that out.

That’s kind of how I feel, too. I understand the point about how they’re an “equal opportunity offender” and how they make fun of everyone (and so, I guess, no one should get offended :shrug: ). I saw one episode of the show probably 12 years ago or so. I was far less sensitive then than I am now and even then it seemed to vulgar for me.

Perhaps I shouldn’t judge the series on one episode from so long ago, but it effectively removed any desire for me to watch the show again.

I always remember the statistic I heard in regards to the “South Park” movie: It had twice the profanity as “Pulp Fiction” and was only half as long! Anyone who’s seen “Pulp Fiction” can testify that it is nothing if not loaded with profanity. That another movie whould have 4 times as much profanity per minute is astounding to me.

Not to be a thread-killer or anything. :wink:

It is perfectly all right to enjoy South Park. Even if the characters are less than agreeable. I comfortable enough in my faith, that it doesn’t bother me much any more to be made fun of, its its just for humor. Besides, They will never be able to change my beliefs, and thats whats most important

I have to say that most of the time there is a good moral to each episode. The one about John Edward is the best!

I like the episodes where they begin to sum every thing up, and they either get cut off, or realalize that they din’t learn any lesson at all

Two words will still make me smile after all these years:

Underwear Gnomes!

I don’t agree generally with the show, I sometimes find it kind of tasteless and mean (duh,), although I love the characters and the drawing style (do they even draw it? I dunno.), I do like the more ‘innocent’ episodes that don’t directly make fun of my faith and aren’t excessively dirty though. I simply couldn’t resist that episode where they parodied high school musical, either. :stuck_out_tongue:

We watched a few programs until about ten years ago, there was an episode that featured the devil and Jesus in a boxing match. Vulgarity is one thing. Sacrelige and blasphemy are another thing, altogether.

I agree that that episode was probably not their greatest, but what you have to realalize is that they don’y mean any thing by it. And, if they don’t sometimes appease the, not so agreeable, audience that finds laughter in those jokes, then there wouldn’t be any GOOD South Park for the rest of us. Who find humor in the idea of a show that sees every one as equals, and bashes them accordinly.:thumbsup:

They are equal opportunity offenders. They hardly single out Catholics.


I find it hard to believe people can watch this show in good conscience.

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