TV: Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Is there anyone else here who will admit to watching this?

It is an original series that is on the “Starz” cable movie network. It is rated R, and pushes that envelope quite firmly. It’s for people who thought “The 300” was too bland, with not enough violence and gore. It is also a series that, quite honestly, brings home the Christian message in a way I imagine the creators didn’t plan on doing.

Simply put, all the gladiators are slaves. Before they prove themselves and take the mark of the brotherhood, they are treated as slaves. The household is filled with slaves. I think we Americans (not so sure about the Canadians, eh? :wink: ) have absolutely no idea what slavery was. It’s not just a legal status of being owned, it is a state of mind, accepting that you are not a person but a thing. It’s a state of mind that shows in how you hold yourself, in how you move, in how you react to everyone and everything around you.

The series captures this attitude of slavery perfectly. I see the slaves on the show and suddenly all the references in Scripture of “being a slave to sin” and of Jesus setting you free are suddenly blazing through my mind, and I realize how radical the message of Jesus was. I realize the implications of the Christian teaching that even the slave (servant) is to be treated with dignity.

Any thoughts?

Oh…I thought you were talking about Spartacus from 1960-- a fine movie that my parents let me see as a four year old child.

Too bad someone is trading on the name of the original movie!


Seriously, though…

  1. It’s impossible for TV series to get movie ratings. I think you mean TV-MA.
  2. Very bloody & violent-but you know what? That’s really how it was back in the day!
  3. I like your analogy about slavery being more a state of mind than much else…

I don’t have premium, so I can’t watch this…but I kinda wish I did…


Oh, wait, wrong movie… sorry…

Well, in a few months you’ll be able to get the series on DVD. Small comfort, I know, but at least it’s there.

dude, it’s porn. just because it has slaves doesn’t change that fact that it’s probably the closest any cable mini-series has gotten to being a porn mini-series. It makes HBO’s Rome (my favorite ever!) look like Disney family hour.

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to point out the obvious.

As for the gore, if anyone would care to remember the first episode, when a gladiator has his legs cut off, and uses his arms to drag himself away, leaving no trail of blood in the sand what so ever (apparently, Sparatcus was weilding his lightsaber at this point). He is then impaled with a trident to the back, which sends forth a curtain of blood that takes up the entire screen.

That’s as jarring as 300’s decapitations. Vast torrents of blood from this or that slashing cut, but a water pistol squirt for a removed head. :confused:

I don’t mind violence and gore, but I’d at least like for it to be either sensible, or consistently stylized.

It was neat the see Jonathan from The Mummy though.

You might be pleased to know that it was confirmed this week that a full length feature film sequel to the Rome series is now in the works. Rome was originally supposed to have run longer, with future seasons following the reigns of Augustus (Octavian) and Tiberius, the life of Jesus, and how early Christianity affected the empire. There was going to be a contrast set up between the extreme violence and lack of “Christian” morality from the early seasons, and the much more selfless lives of the early Christians. It would have been fascinating to watch.

The plot of this new movie is supposed to take place in Germany a few years after the completion of the series. Both Titus Pullo AND Lucius Vorenus are back, which is interesting, since we saw Vorenus die at the end of season 2! The original actors are both signed on to play them. Whether other characters will be back remains a mystery.

I did not know that! that’s great, Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus where the two greatest characters created from any show I’ve ever watched. I have just one thing to say for the movie;


I watch this show, I don’t know why because I don’t think the story is that good. I think the bloody scenes are overdone.

I am however quite shocked to see you guys watch this show. I would have never watched it back when I was Catholic because of the explicit sexual imagery. They have sex scenes in every episode and they even showed the male genitals up close, albeit not during a sex scene. :shrug:

Most of us who have premium channels also have live TV fast-forward options (we just fast-forward through the more sexual scenes and watch the action-packed battle ones-kinda like how we watch James Bond movies too)

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