TV: Swingtown?

Does anyone know if this new CBS series is as bad as the promos sound?

Don’t know… but is it really something that should be on “regular” tv? It won’t be on in oour house but it seems like one more thing that is put into the faces of our children and then they start to think that behavior like this is “normal” and socially acceptable.
I can’t even let my kids watch the ads for these shows or heck even the commercials that are on tv now…


You know, I flipped my TV back and forth between Swingtown and the bball playoffs last night. Swingtown has Jack Davenport and I had to see if he could do a convincing American accent considering he strikes me as being intensely British. (he’s from the Pirates movies…)

Anyway, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I, too, saw the promos and thought it was trashy and, well, it is trashy, but it’s implied trashy. The show ended (SPOILERS) with the wife of the new neighbor couple who had “gone wild with this new 70s lifestyle” for the first time going from being blissfully happy to looking concerned and worried about this decision. I think maybe that saved the show for me. I think the characters are going to struggle with the traditional lifestyles they knew and this new crazy immoral 70s trend. Could be interesting. Certainly not for children, of course! I also have NO idea how realistic it is in terms of the reality of the 70s since I wasn’t alive then, but I think I’m safe to assume that it’s way over the top.

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	June 6, 2008	

File a complaint against your local CBS station
Last night (June 5), your local CBS station violated its license obligation to “serve the public interest” by airing one of the most offensive programs ever on broadcast television.
In the opening scene of Swingtown, the storyline sends an airline stewardess home with a pilot for 3-way sx with the pilot’s wife.
Your local CBS station also aired these scenes from Swingtown:
· Teenagers smoke marijuana as they drive away from school
· Two young boys get caught looking at p
rnogrphic magazines by one of the boy’s father. His response was, “Don’t let your mother catch you with this” and hands the magazine back to the boy.
· At a party in a neighbor’s home, one woman continues to ask the host and another guest for “coke” (heroin).
· The host offers Quaaludes to her guest to “loosen her up” for group s
· Several party guests are shown smoking marijuana.
· One scene shows an orgy going on in the basement.
· Two married couples have s*x together.
Your local CBS station could have chosen to reject the network show. Instead, they aired it in your community, knowing full well, children would likely be watching.
File a complaint with your local CBS station manager. Tell him to refuse to air future episodes of Swingtown on your local station.
Donald E. Wildmon, Chairman
P.S. Please forward this to your family and friends!

Thank you, Mirror Mirror.

pretty sure that “coke” is cocaine, not heroin

Having been a child of the 70s, and wanting to know the truth about the show before I shunned it, I watched the first episode on OnDemand last night.

I felt like I had to take a shower afterward. It was disgusting. Aside from the overt sexuality among nearly all of the adults, there was rampant drug use and irresponsible alcohol abuse. High schoolers were obviously having sex, middle schoolers were reading Penthouse (approved by one kid’s dad), and on and on.

The only couple who were NOT “into the scene” were shown as wackos.

This show certainly shouldn’t be on mainstream TV, and it surely shouldn’t be on OnDemand for free where any kid could watch it at any time.


EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to mention the ever-present soundtrack – it was like a bad flashback to 70s rock. Ick. That’s a part of my life I’d rather forget. Did we REALLY dress like that???

I saw a commercial for it yesterday. With just that, I was embarrassed and looking for the remote to change the channel because two of my kids were in earshot at the time and may have been hearing the dialogue. It looks and sounds completely awful and immoral. :eek:

If someone doesn’t agree with a program, just change the channel. The show starts at 10PM. I hope most children aren’t up at that time :tsktsk: I think it was unfair to portray the later with morals as a lunatic, that was wrong:( . If a child happens to see this show, hopefully a parent is nearby to say this it is wrong. Hopefully, the children would value the opinion of parent over a show. Maybe the show will be a flop and this will not even be a discussion any longer.

While I agree with you about the timing (although NOT the old “just change the channel” argument), the show is free OnDemand on my cable company (Comcast). That means it is available 24 hours a day, and most kids are savvy enough to know how to access OnDemand content.


I am sorry to say this and if it makes me not out to be a good Catholic then that is fine. But I feel that God has given each of us a brain and if we are watching something on TV that we disagree with, then just simply pick up the man invented aparatus called the remote control and change the channel. I watched it and to me all it did was show what happend in the 70’s that the world was clueless over. I am already anxious for the next episode… If yall are going to get into an uproar about this then why dont yall contact all of the big networks and have all the soap operas taken off the air too? Heck they show more skin and stuff on shows like the Bachelor, and the teenage shows like Dawsons Creek, Gillmore Girls, and a other show. My thing is this, if it offends you, Simply just dont watch it but dont ruin it for the rest of us who want to. And again… If watching shows like this makes me out to be a bad Catholic, then so be it.

The commercials are so offensive, even they should not be allowed during the day. Besides, it is being aired on public airwaves as opposed to cable, so there is a right to find the content objectionable rather than just look the other way. Besides, the show is a summer series, when far more children are still up late.

If you find the show and commercial offensive change the channel. There are too many channels out there for someone to focus on one show. It is up to the parent to talk to the children about inappropriate content to the show. Hopefully, this show will not do well among the viewers.

To those who like this type of program or who think viewing/airing this is simply a matter of taste and choice, I have a few thoughts and a link to offer. Watching TV or movies that promote sex and violence is sinful. Why care? Because sin offends God. Pretty simple, really. Follow the link for a good Christian commentary on the subject (not a Catholic site, but the comments are right on and accurate nonetheless).

The OnDemand, and every other channel on cable can be blocked by the Parent. If you don’t know how, give your cable or satellite company a call and they will be happy to tell you how. The same technology exists on all video game systems, you can program them not to play games above a certain rating. If you don’t give them the password, or don’t use one that’s easy for them to figure out, they won’t be able to watch any channel or play any game you don’t approve of. Modern technology can be a wonderful thing.

Link to another thread on the same topic:

I think it about time to get rid of the tv

I agree. I sometimes find something decent on Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel, but not always. It is pretty sad to flip through a bunch of Charter channels and not be able to find anything worth watching. I’d like to cancel, but my hubby is not quite convinced yet.

*Thank you for the reminder, SwizzleStick. :wink: *

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