TV: SYTYCD Season 7 (So You Think You Can Dance)

The premiere for this season was just on — and I almost missed it! I captured all but the first 15 minutes on DVR and then watched it this morning before I went to work.
I love this show! Unlike “Dancing With the Stars”, this is *real *dancing. And, althought the show always does show a few “dancers” who are clearly not talented, it is not nearly as cruel as it is to watch Simon Cowell on “Idol” insult the people who try out.

I love watching the various dancers and their skills - even B-Boy dancing (of which I had no understanding until I began watching this show in it’s first season).

It looks very good so far. Enjoy! :thumbsup:

It was pretty fabulous! Real dancers! Real Dancing! I think the new format will be something interesting as well.

I love this show, though I think there’s too much emphasis on dancers and routines being “hot”.

Though this show, like most reality shows, is “cast”, the dancers really are excellent. I am always amazed at how someone with just “B-boy” dance experience can hang in there so long (like last year!) Looking forward to this season.

It will take a couple more episodes to really take off. Although the try-outs are entertaining. How did yu like the “dancer” with the fruit-cocktail for a hat? I got a big laugh out of him! Carmen Miranda lives on! :smiley:

Yep, Carmen was great. I do think that he auditioned in season 1 though. I have heard that Henry (ballroom, one that flew from England, was in Burn the Floor) made it onto SYTYCD Australia (top 8 maybe?). Nigel is still skeevy , love Mia, don’t miss Mary, and I am happy with the choreographers giving actual technique advice.

I love Mia, too. But I like Mary!! Her screaming does get a bit old, tho…

Nigel is an acquired taste to be sure. But I think he is helpful to the dancers.

So far I have not seen anyone I would choose for the top ten, but it is waaaay early for that.

Now … over to the “Bachelorette” for some more cheese.:thumbsup:

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