TV: The big bang theory

Does anyone watch this show? It is quite scary, it is so close to reality that every time I watch it I have flashback to when I was a graduate student. All the characters are so close to the way my friends and myself were. Does anyone see himself in these students. I came to the realization that physics geeks are the same across the world and beyond time.:smiley:

Honey, physics and engineering people are a unique group of people all unto themselves! I know, I married one. He was a Physic/Math double major for his bachelors and got his masters in EE! I tell ya I can spot an engineer (mechanical, chemical, electrical) a mile off :rolleyes:.

Yes, that show reminds me of my husband and his friends - I am the girl in the show only not so dumb!

Brenda V.

I watch it, love the tall geeky guy (guess they’re all geeky). Very funny how they are so smart, but can’t relate to normal situations. Wish they would tone down the sex though…

I find it hilarious. I know it’s a staple among my friends at engineering school. Toning down the sex would be preferable, as another poster commented.

But, overall, I love it.

ditto thats all i can say

But like my physics professor said, “Nerds and geeks rule the world.” :smiley:

Sex is the only fictional part of the show!:smiley:

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