TV: The Last Templar

Is anyone watching this?

I watched the first hour, tivoed the second hour, but totally missed the second night. Darn.

It looks good. It looks Catholic and respectful of Catholicism. Or am I just seeing good parts and missing all the irreverent stuff? It looks like what Da Vinci Code COULD have been if Dan Brown had been respectful and truthful.

Scott Foley stars in it. He’s one of the regulars on The Unit, a show that I have often extolled on this board as excellent.

Hopefully it will be released on DVD and I’ll be able to see the whole thing, unless I find out that it was icky and anti-religion.

:popcorn: Video online at for those who missed part I:

I’m recording it. I read the book and while not as anti-Catholic as others there are a few barbs in there. All in all it was a good book somewhere between Da Vinci and Secret Supper.

Too much “DaVinci-esque” for me. You know the mentality… the “Big Bad Catholic Church” suppressing things that could mean it’s demise… sounded kinda neat at first but I really had little stomach for it about half way through the second night.

Wouldn’t recommend it… sorry.


I just finished watching the second part. For those that missed it, the second part is available with limited commercial interruptions at

I actually pleasantly surprised by the ending. There are a few barbs, even a sexual scene (that the characters acknowledge as a sin), but, overall, it shows the Catholic Church in a good light, as well as the need for faith, even today. It shows the reality that there are a few bad (rogue) clergy, but clearly establishes that these individuals do not represent the whole Church.

While watching the two parts, I was worried for a bit, but…it my fears were put at ease. (I actually saw one blogger complaint that this film as “obviously made by the Vatican”).

Just my thoughts. I’d recommend it with the exception of the one adult scene.

Watched it online at Entertaining for a middle school-junior high group which is not a bad thing since I teach RE and am always looking for movies to help stimulate discussion among 8th graders.

The community board at NBC hated the film because it drifted far away from the book. Perhaps that’s why I found it entertaining. It did seem to have a not-so-Catholic-bashing lean to it which I doubt was the tone of the book. For a TV movie I give kudos to the producers for watering it down that much.

Cheesy predictable plot. Incredible events - even a first year PhD archaeologist knows better than to unseal a 700 year old container containing the supposed gospel of Jesus on a cliff overlooking a sea (or was that an ocean) - yes, of course the falcon will be nicely washed into an alcove of rocks within walking distance of the archaelogist rather than sink to the bottom of the sea where it lay for 700 years - a professional killer can’t use a scope on a rifle to kill or at least wound his targets, but he can destroy the compass, which of course, the older archaeologist memorized - and so on.

Got a kick out of Omar Sharif because I use the “Peter” dvd in my RE class in which he plays the apostle Peter as the story follows him from the betrayal to his execution. He looked good, I must say.

Can anyone help me with the premise of the Templars created a false gospel though? I still don’t understand why they felt the need to do so and what they expected it to accomplish, and whether the intent was to guard the document for all time or to get it to Rome when the ship went down?

I read reviews of the book on Amazon, and I also read about the book on wikipedia. It seems that this book has an anti-Christian (and more specifically, an anti-Catholic) theme. I only saw part of the miniseries on tv, and I’m not sure how anti-Christian the miniseries seems to be, but from what I’ve read the book seems pretty bad (kind of Dan Brown-ish). I’m thinking that anything that’s based off of the book is probably somewhere along the same lines.

I’m just wondering when they’re going to make a GOOD movie about the Church. Unfortunately it seems Catholic-bashing is a trend in hollywood, in the media, and in books.

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