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Does anyone else love this show? I have just recently started watching it in the last couple of months but I am hooked. My DW got me some of the seasons for Christmas (she let me open it early… so nice of her :wink: ) and so I can catch up since I just got into the show this season.

I have to admit that it is a guilty pleasure of mine in that I sometimes find myself cringing at some of the things they get themselves into and some of the topics that are brought up.

My favorite character has to be Dwight and I don’t know if it is because I knew someone who was exactly like that in HS (I think we all know or knew someone like that) or what. On a side note I sometimes find myself just feeling sorry for Michael but I think that is the point of his character.

So any other Office fanatics out there?

By the way I did a search and did not find a topic on this show. Sorry if one has already been made.

God bless

Absolutely nobody can beat me at “Office” trivia. Quote something, I’ll tell you the character, episode, and season it’s from. I have a Dunder Mifflin bathrobe. Words used to describe me include: obsessed, nerd, geek, and loser.

I love The Office! :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunate, though, that you don’t know Pam & Jim’s whole history…it makes their whole relationship mean more. You’ll see. :wink:

Enjoy the seasons!

I knew I was not the only one!

Who got the Don’t Follow After Award at the annual Dundies award show? (I think that is what it was called :o )

God bless

My daughters and I love Jim and Pam :wink:

Anyone ever see the British show it’s based on? “Are you having a laugh??”

“Yay, Kevin! Woohoo for Kevin, for stinking up the bathroom!!”
–Pam Beesly.

The episode is “Dundies” and it’s the first ep of season 2 of The Office. Incidentally, it’s the first kiss we see between Pam and Jim (though Pam is drunk). Kevin wins the “Don’t Go In There After Me” award.

Good question!

:rotfl: Wow amazing. :bowdown2:

Anyone ever see the British show it’s based on? “Are you having a laugh??”

I have not but I knew it was created after a British sitcom. Have you seen it? Is it as good?

God bless

Me!! I love this show!! I have a Dwight bobble head on my desk at work, and a few people have recognized it, so I know there are a bunch of fans in the school where I work. (On a funnier note, the bobble head looks a lot like one of out teachers, and that teacher is a tad on the crazy side, just like Dwight! LOL!!)

One of my favorite episodes is the where Dwight decides to shun Andy. Whenever he would have to talk to Andy, he’d first say “Unshun” then say what he needed to, and then say “re-shun”. And he’d make little hand gestures (moving his hand in a downward motion for unshun, and back up for reshun). Cracks me up every time!!

It’s good if you appreciate British humor. It’s basically the same exact thing (the pilot is almost word for word from the British version), but with the “British” point of comedic view…which is notably raunchier.

The Office? Ugh. Cannot and will not watch such crass and offensive television.


I love The Office. Its a bit of an obsession in my dorm. My personal favorite is “Dwight’s Speech”. Anyone whose seen that one will be rolling in laughter.

agreed. This is the best.

I am a HUGE Office fan! I LOVED Dwight up until this little thing with Angela, but I have to say that Jim is my favourite, just because of the pranks he pulls. :smiley:

I don’t really have a favourite episode, they are all just WAY too funny!

I do really like the part where Jim gets Dwight to go up to the roof to wait for the chooper, and then says “position compromised. Destroy phone.” And he chucks it over the side of the building. OH! Or the episode where he is sending Dwight faxes from himself. From the future :wink:

(You could probably tell I’m an office fan just by my tag LOL)

I like that show it’s just as funny. The boss seems more real, though just as out-of-touch.

What’s funny about the phone-chucking is that it doesn’t even make it off the roof :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife and I got hooked on this show last year. Prior to that, (based on the commercials) we thought the show was horrible. It seemed like it would be way too off-kilter (and off-color). When we actually started watching it, though, we were pleasantly surprised.

Obviously, there are many “cringe” moments on the show, and I certainly wouldn’t say it’s suitable for children, but I appreciate the fact that much of the raunchiness is spoken rather than visual. (They don’t ordinarly show people in bed with each other, for example).

One of my favorite lines from Deleted Scene #3 of “Chair Model” is Toby’s line:

Forcing your employees to set you up is not a, uh, uh, technical violation of any Dunder Mifflin rule. You know, but neither is forcing them to help you with a shot-by-shot remake of Indiana Jones. Huh-how do you make a rule book like that?

I think of that line anytime I encounter liturgical abuse or off-the-wall hypothetical moral quandries. Sometimes people will say, “Well, the Church hasn’t said anything to specifically forbid such-and-such.” Perhaps, but some things are so outlandish you just can’t possibly predict that someone would try it! :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, I worked for the “Scranton Paper Company” at the time US version began. The building shown was the building I worked in. We were ordered not to talk to the media.

Saying that, I have not seen the show since working for the “Scranton Paper Company” left a very bad taste in my mouth. So much so that I will never buy any of their products ever again. I even had to ask people NOT to send me cards from that company.

What a great gift. I don’t follow the Office, but my hubby likes it. He never misses an episode if he can. I hadn’t thought of buying him the season.:hmmm:

Enjoy your gift…that’s nice that you got to open it up early!:thumbsup:

I thought so to. :thumbsup:

I got about a week off from work, we are snowed in and can’t go any where, so what a perfect way to pass the time.

God bless

I love the office! It has to be one of my all time favorite shows. Michael is my favorite character, and I just love how he seems so pathetic which makes you feel sorry and laugh at his character. One of my favorite episodes is the one where there is a bat in the office, and dwight pulls out all of his weapons to capture the bat before animal control gets there.

I’m hooked on “The Office” too, but I’m afraid that with recent episodes it’s coming close to “jumping the shark.” I’d hate to see that happen.
My favorite episode was the one in which Michael grilled his foot.

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