TV: The Walking Dead

Did anyone catch the premier of Season 2 of The Walking Dead last night? I really enjoyed the mini-season that they did for Season 1 (6 episodes) and can’t wait to see what they do for a full season this year. Anyone else a fan?

I am HUGE fan!!! Loved it from the first episode!!!


I found the Church scene particularly interesting…kind of a mistake made on that one I think. The chapel definitely looked like a Catholic or Episcopal Church, and it said Southern Baptist on the sign outside.

I did really enjoy the scenes where the characters were praying in front of the crucifix though.

Overall I loved the premier. The scene with the “herd” of zombies coming through the cars on the highway was particularly creepy. The zombie coming onto the RV and attacking the blonde woman was especially scary.

I have not seen the premier of Season 2 (I don’t watch TV) but I LOVE this series. It is SO much FUN. :thumbsup:

Sat yesterday and watched the season 1 marathon followed by the new episode of season 2 - absolutely fantastic.

Nah. I know we passed a church just Friday that was pretty Gothic Revival-looking with a red door. It was Southern Baptist. There is a Methodist church building here that used to be Seventh-day Adventist that used to be Southern Baptist.

Big fan of graphic novel and am enjoying the series!!! :thumbsup:

Is that about Zombies…if so Yawn I’m so done with the Zombie Genre. :eek::rolleyes:

Yup. It’s about Zombies. Don’t bother watching.

As for me, I’m still in love with Zombies. :slight_smile: And I thought the show was fantastic.

I love the series. still need to get season 1 on blue-ray, the 6 webisodes were pretty cool too. I also found the church scene interesting since the sign out front clearly said “Baptist Church” but they had a large crucifix on the altar. I think, and I could be wrong, they also had what appeared to be the stations of the cross on the walls also.

I’m watching the season premiere with my son as we speak. We’ve been zombie fans forever. We’re really enjoying this wave of zombie pop culture!

Yeah, we just watched that part. Certainly not a Southern Protestant church interior!

exactly, the church building itself appears to be very Southern Baptist, it’s just the interior decor did not appear to be so. I don’t know the religious affiliation of the writers or producers, so this may have been a mistake as they didn’t know Baptists do not use crucifixes or they wanted to have more visual impact during the scene. :shrug:
Otherwise a very good episode.

Hi everyone.

I’m interested in watching this series with my brother and I’m just concerned
if there will be explicit scenes in it. I’m okay with the violence but if there are
sex scenes in it, we might not watch it.

I’m a huge fan of the comics, have been since they first came out. Season one was pretty awesome, but I think it tappered out near the final few episodes, which was a shame. Season two is shaping up to be pretty neat.

I’m glad they’re not entirely lining up with the comics, yet at the same time taking a few major plot lines and slipping them in.

The make up and effects of the zombies really takes the cake. Its better than some of the stuff I’ve seen in some movies.

A far sight better than sparkly vampires. :rolleyes:

I was in the same boat as you until we started watching The Walking Dead. It has some great writing & acting and stands out from the rest of the stuff that’s come out recently, so you might want to give it a try.

I have never been a zombie fan or a horror fan as I think those shows are pretty gross and give nightmares, but I’m surrounded by zombie fans in my family… my husband, brother, sister and brother-in-law. Three out of four of them were, and still are, reading the comics before the show ever started, so they were psyched about the series coming out on television. Of course, I got sucked in. My mom and dad did as well, although my mother was always a monster and horror movie fan. She watches those things without flinching.

That said, I did like the writing and the acting and have become interested in the social aspect of living in a world like that… how people survive, work together, live without most modern amenities, etc. I’ve actually started reading some of the comics (I’ve never been a comic book reader). So, I’ve become a follower of the show in some regard. I do think Shane will be going crazy as I think he is torn about what he did to Otis, which is another psychological aspect of the show that I’m interested in… can a world without societal expectations and rules create monsters out of normal, seemingly moral people?

The only thing I don’t like about the show is when they have to kill the “walkers” or when the walkers bite into people. It’s just so disgusting. And, of course, I’ve been having dreams about living in a post-apocalyptic world of walkers. Fortunately, most of the time I realize I’m dreaming, so I tend to manipulate things to go my way in the dream and when it gets to stressful, I just turn it into something nice without walkers, but I really don’t like dreaming about that stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I watched an episode for the first time a few days ago. A man and woman go into town to get medical supplies. The woman spots the man with a box of condoms and tells him she’ll have sex with him. She removes her upper clothing but nothing graphic is seen. Later, as they ride back, the man asks the woman if it was good. She replies that it was just a one-time thing. So, it’s just meaningless “just sex.”

Too bad, the rest of the show was well done. Adding this wrong and immoral sexual scene just sends the wrong message to people young and old.


I do agree with you, as I was a bit turned off by it, especially the girl’s attitude, but I do think it can also be a learning lesson on how people’s morals can change in a situation like this. I saw a teaser for next week’s show in which the old man, Dale (I think that was his name) is chastising Glenn that it was not a good idea to have done this with the daughter of their host and asks him why he’d even do it. Glenn replies very seriously he was thinking that tomorrow he could die. I’m not saying this was right or that it gives the man and the woman an excuse, but it also shows the weaknesses of human nature. So, it can be looked at from that angle. Things like this have happened in real life, and people have let their guard down and their morals slide during times of duress, danger and stress.

Here is a question I’ve been pondering since the show started. I know it’s probably a stupid one, as I’ve had some difficulty suspending reality with some of this. Let’s say that two single devout Catholics get thrown together due to this situation. They fall in love and want to marry, but there is no priest to witness their marriage due to the fact that most people have become walkers or are just dead. What happens? Can a marriage be made?

I mention this because I’ve seen too many situations on TV where the man or woman just decides to have meaningless sex. A fictional TV show can provide a learning lesson and this was not a good one. It reminds me of an old TV show where a man, in order to avoid freezing to death, has sex with a woman who is not his wife.


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