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I just thought I would share this wonderful, horribly addictive website with my fellow CAFers.TV Tropes basically describe story telling conventions. For example, you know that thing where someone will walk away slowly and unflinchingly from an explosion behind them? That’s a trope. Check out the website if you have some free time. Fair warning, I wasn’t joking when I said it was addictive.

I can attest it is an entertaining read and has expanded our vocabulary with it comes to how we describe visual media…until you suddenly look at the clock and realize an hour has gone by.

I confess that I have wast- er- spent many hours browsing through TvTropes. It’s interesting to be able to give an “umbrella term” (if you will) behind plot lines or characters or whatever.

TV Tropes is pretty much my favorite way to waste entire Saturday afternoons.

I’ve done so many Wiki Walks (look it up!) on TV Tropes. It’s also gotten me interested in books, movies, and games that I probably wouldn’t have given the time of day to before I found that site.

I also use tropes in conversation, it annoys the heck out of my friends.

I know; it is very entertaining! Here is a line that I remember from the website: “When B.A. Santa teams up with Kung Fu Jesus, you’d better run!”



Leave it to Randal to give us internet meta-comentary.

Sorry to post on a old thread but even though I do look at the website to see what anime or shows look good or not, I hate and despise it still. It’s full of anti-republican bias and it mostly leans on leftist views when it comes to abortion and gay marriage. Not only that but the it tries to look unbiased when it comes to religion yet it never even dares to criticize fundamentalist atheistic movements and is always mocking other fundamentalists. Just avoid the website with all it’s filth and fixation upon homosexual relationships.

To be fair to the site, the admins have cleaned it up considerably. Since it’s a wiki, anybody can post offensive stuff, but if they get caught they can be warned/banned.

I <3 TV Tropes! I consult it for help with character creation and it also helps me avoid media with certain tropes (ie. certain rape tropes). It’s also an excellent time-waster!

I LOVE That website it’s just as addictive to me as wikipedia.Oh the things I’ve learned to notice b/c of it! :thumbsup:

I have a classmate that is like that… but I don’t find it so annoying, since I read the site too!

MrSylvester has a good point, the liberal bias in that site is (was?) horrible. But, I have seen that some artciles are being cleared of that, and fortunately, some disgusting TroperTales are in another place now.



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