TV: Two and a Half Men

Disclaimer: Just because I started this thread, doesn’t mean I like the show! In fact I hate “Two and a Half ‘Men’” with every fibre of my being.

So anyway I need someone to explain to me how this garbage actually became a “hit” show, much less why anyone watches it in the first place.

My parents just love it for some reason, and if I ever eat dinner with them usually they’ll have it on while we’re eating. :doh2:

Becuase our cultural norms have been degrading rapidly for the past 50 years. And the new norm is sexuality, drugs & vulgarity. Anyone who is for morality, modesty & purity is considered extreme these days. What used to be good is now considered bad, and what used to be bad is now considered good. This is our new & enlightened morality.

True, true, true…:frowning:

My 91 year old father watches it every night :eek:

That show is disgusting.

I hate that show not because of its immorality, but because of its shear stupidity. Stupid and repetitive plots, bad acting, boring characters. The show’s good for 1 episode and then you can guess what happens in every other episode after it.

My dad watches it all the time, and it’s despicable. It’s chock-full of Hollywood’s pathetic excuses for fornication. Charlie is an idiot lecher, Alan is a whiny pushover, and Jake is a rotten little brat.

I have never seen this show. I don’t watch most network tv.

Yeah, same with me. I’m not really complaining about it’s lack of morality; just puzzled at how so many people apparently love it even though it’s so poorly-done on every conceivable level.

For some reason it seems like most of their viewers are older people. I have no idea why.

I don’t like sitcoms, so this isn’t a show I like, but i have seen it.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say it’s pretty much a “modern” version of another popular show, the Odd Couple (except there is a kid thrown in this one). Maybe the older folks who like this show also liked that one?

I don’t like it; and Everybody but one Loves Ramond!

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