TV: Who watched House last night?

I watched House last night and there was a sick priest accused of being a pedophile. It starts with him having a hallucination of Christ in all of his suffering.

He’s treated like **** at the hospital b/c they think he’s a pedophile even after the priest says the teenage boy was confused and he was innocent. He tells them that he has lost two positions as pastor b/c of the false allegation and that he ended up working in a soup kitchen by himself. He’s depressed and has lost his faith. He resorts to drinking scotch and smoking cigarettes.

So the doctors think he has AIDS and the priest says it’s not possible b/c he’s never had sex or a blood transfusion. They don’t believe him and treat him with contempt.

In the end, the teenage boy visits the priest at the hospital and says he’s sorry for everything and the priest forgives him right away. Then all the doctors realize that they were all wrong in judging the priest.

They find out that the priest really has an auto-immune disease similar to AIDS, but treatable.

At the end of the story, the priest gets his faith back and realizes that maybe his hallucination of Jesus was real.

I was shocked that this story actually depicted a priest in a positive light. Hollywood and the media usually depicts the Catholic clergy as being immoral.

It was a beautiful story and I"m sure something like this has happened many times to an unfortunate priest. It gave me a better understanding of why priests are so careful with lay people; especially women and youth.

Ah–thank you…I came in midway through the show last night and wondered what the plot was…I did see the end and I thought–GOOD, finally, a priest vindicated on a TV show.

I love House–one of the reasons is because it’s a medical mystery solved–but also because it shows doctors in very human light—not just as healers, but a lot of “physician heal thyself” and much of that comes from the mistakes they make passing judgement on patients, false assumptions about their lifestyles, and the crow the doctors end up eating in the end–and yet, you still love them–especially House. :wink:

That would not be the first time that House had a good moral position in one of its episodes. There was a VERY pro-life episode awhile ago where House had to perform surgery on a fetus, and (taken from a real life situation) the baby holds and grips his finger. It was a VERY well written and well done show. I really love House, I keep forgetting it’s on Monday nights now. :rolleyes:


I liked how it made everything LOOK like the priest was bad, but then went in the other direction.

It was pretty cool.

There are so many times that House experiences something that may make him question what he believes. The priest was right, he wants to have faith.

I loved it when the priest calls House a hypocrite b/c House saves people for a living, but acts like he doesn’t care about anyone.

House responds that he’s just solving puzzles :rolleyes:

As soon as I saw it was a priest, drinking, with accusation of sex crimes against him I was going :mad: typical…but I was glad it turned out the way it did.
Liza- I loved the "baby"episode too, when the little hand grabbed onto House’s…:bighanky: :thumbsup: The show doesn’t usually have a “pro-life” feel to it but sometimes the writers pull through!

I love House, it’s not a blatantly religious show in any way, but whoever is writing it certainly inserts Christian elements into the stories.
I haven’t watched the episode yet, I’ll have to hurry and finish my schoolwork for the day and go watch it. :smiley: Yay for TiVo. :stuck_out_tongue:

My husband is also ADDICTED to Eleventh Hour - he says that there are some very overt Christian themes in that show. It’s on CBS of all things!!


I recorded it and watched it when I got home from work. There was one telling conversation between House and the priest at the end which says it all:

Father: I’m just trying to make sense of how my life can turn around completely all in one day.

House: You promised you weren’t going to go there on me.

Father: Do you think it’s just a coincidence?

House: Everything that’s happened to you, medical or otherwise, has a rational explanation for it.

Father: That’s a whole lot of coincidences.

House: (silently looks down, no answer)

By removing his “hallucination” from the list of symptoms, the case was solved. House allows the team to believe that it could have been real.

Excellent show this time. Hope they do more.:thumbsup:

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I like House most of the time…House is such an off-putting character but somehow very fascinating at the same time. :wink: When I saw the preview, I guessed that it was going to be about a pervert priest and did not want to watch. I’m glad that the plotline turned out differently.

However, I could not stand the one episode where the 13-year-old swimming prodigy was sick and they found out that she was having a bad reaction to a pregnancy. :eek: House performed an abortion without telling her parents. :mad: I know that the state law was that parental notification was not required (at least in the plotline) but I found that episode so repugnant and I cannot watch the reruns anymore.

I remember that episode, and she didn’t get an abortion. All it showed at the end was her talking to her parents. This was after House told the girl “according to New Jersey state law”, then told the parents he couldn’t tell them what they were “removing” with a look on his face that said “I hate this, but if I say anything, the whole hospital could be shut down”. Are you sure you didn’t turn it off too early?

I always got the impression that the silent pan past the girl’s room, where all these doctors (not including House) are working on her, was her getting an abortion.

House was (very unusually for him) really torn up about it, because he thought that she ought to tell her parents at least. But because of the state law he was required not to tell them, and he grudgingly obeys the law.

But the thing is, House is not exactly supposed to be a model. He’s clearly an atheist, but there are other doctors with strong religious views. Chase actually was in seminary once, so we get to see him coming to grips with his own faith. It’s pretty neat, seeing the different worldviews interact.

And THAT is precisely why I love the guy!


I liked it, too. :slight_smile:

What I sort of like about the character is that he’s also bringing to like exactly what Arthur Conan Doyle was going for with Sherlock Holmes, too. We have a very sanitized Sherlock today, but the coke-addict Holmes of the novels is very much the equivalent of the Vicodin-addicted House.

Yep, and remember when Foreman came back from the brink of death and rediscovered his faith? That was a good storyline too.

What I sort of like about the character is that he’s also bringing to like exactly what Arthur Conan Doyle was going for with Sherlock Holmes, too. We have a very sanitized Sherlock today, but the coke-addict Holmes of the novels is very much the equivalent of the Vicodin-addicted House.

I like that aspect of House as well. There are obvious parallels such as House playing the piano (Holmes played the violin) and his best friend Dr. Wilson as a foil to his character, as Watson was to Holmes.

I really wish they would make a Sherlock Holmes movie with Hugh Laurie as Holmes. That would be awesome! :thumbsup:

I watched this episode and thought it was great. I figured, about midway through the episode (maybe a little sooner) that it would end with the priest being vindicated and his faith restored.

It is good to see these kinds of episodes and hopefully it will make a few people consider that in real life, not all accused priests are guilty.


I feel really stupid.:frowning:

I turned it on late. Only saw the stuff about AIDS and the visit to the boy in the diner.

I turned it off. because I refuse to watch another show accusing every Priest of breaking his vows.

Now, have to watch it on USA. :thumbsup:

By the way, there was a House that had a women ending up with an abortion. It was the one where he meets the girl in clinic. She doesn’t want anyone touching her. It ends up that she was raped and is pregnant. She gets an abortion, on House’s recommendation. :frowning:

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