TVA officials seeking help from community in copper theft crackdown

A true sign of the times is brought to us from WRCB-TV:
If you live near a TVA switchyard or substation, you may be getting a visit.

The authority is going door-to-door, asking neighbors to be vigilant about copper thefts.

TVA officials say security measures are in place to keep thefts from happening, but they can’t be everywhere.
Copper theft is on the rise in this country. Electrical wiring, lawn ornaments, even ripping off parts of statuary and stealing grave markers is becoming more and more commonplace.

In fact, a cop friend of mine mentioned that a big problem that he’s seen is thieves getting on top of commercial buildings to steal air conditioning units…for the copper wiring that is inside (he also mentioned that several of them were electrocuted in the process…)

Hope and change, folks. Hope and change.

What does hope and change have to do with copper thefts. Are you saying that people are more moral during republican administrations?

In 2002 the going rate for copper in the US was about 20 cents/lb. Today it’s more than $3/lb. Supply and demand…

It will probably continue. I was selling to the semiconductor companies a few years ago, and we were working on ways to replace gold with copper for wiring, pads, etc. Once that is the norm I the industry, copper demand will boom.

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