Twelve Days of Christmas = Super Secret Catholic Song


The Twelve Days of Christmas is a very Catholic Christian song, each line symbolizing a treasure which the Church holds dear.

EWTN: Twelve Days of Christmas

And in light of Christmastide coming up, great ideas on how to celebrate the season of Christmas.


I call baloney.

Twelve Days of Christmas = A Counting Song

Who wonders how high you would have to count before you reached a number which could not be ascribed some biblical or catechetical attribute?


It is an Urban Legend.

The Catholic Church and the Anglican Church shared the beliefs that are listed as “hidden meanings.” There was no reason to hide those beliefs.

We both use the Old and New Testaments, we both have 10 Commandments, and it goes on.


#4 has a good explanation of why this isn’t true. See


If it’s an urban legend, than this would hurt EWTN’s credibility. Or at least the responsibility of the person who manages the Document Library.


Even the best editor lets something slip through now and then. It’s a cute analogy; just not particularly factual.


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