Twelve Gospels-- with thunder

At the words “‘It is finished,’… the veil of the temple was rent in two.” in last night’s Twelve Gospels service we at Our Lady of Fatima Russian Greek Catholic Church heard the first clap of thunder, an unusual sound in the Bay area! Thunder and lightening continued at appropriate times throughout the rest of the readings.

Check out this amazing photo of lightening striking multiple points on the Bay Bridge during this storm!

We were extremely blest to have all three priests and our beloved deacon for both St. Basil DL and Twelve Gospels service yesterday. All three of our priests are Latin Church clergy, with faculties to serve us, so they have their own significant Latin Church duties which have kept them quite busy on that calendar as well. It’s a profound testament to the gifts of the Holy Spirit that they receive in their priesthood, and to the great gifts of our Byzantine services, and to what special individuals each of them truly is, that they choose to come and celebrate with us in the course of such demanding schedules.

These services are our last in our historic home. Pascha Saturday night midnight will be our final worship there. Our first Liturgy at our new home at St. Monica’s former convent will be 4/22. Please continue to keep us in prayer in this challenging transition.

There are new photos on our Facebook page of services this week. Come “like” us there. :slight_smile:

God Bless!

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