Twelve Tribes Cult

Have any of you heard of the Twelve Tribes group? They claim to be Biblically-based. I watched a documentary on this cult and it was frightening to say the least…


No. I have never heard of it. Definitely sounds like a cult though.

We have a Twelve Tribes community here in Savannah. People think they are a cult because they live in community. They run several businesses here and I patronize their tea shop on a daily basis. They are some of the kindest people I have ever met. They truly try to live in God’s will. I wish that more Catholics could be as loving and charitable as my friends at the Maté Factor.

Tell us more. I know nothing about it, but welcome direct experience and contact, over documentaries.

I’d be happy to. What would you like to know? Here is a little info. They have dinners every Friday night and anyone is welcome to attend. They usually have dancing, music, and prayer before the meal and usually more dancing after dessert. Although their Friday night dinners are what most in our city attend, they always welcome guests for dinner any night and even host travelers who are passing through. One of my friends was traveling through Colorado and looked up their community there. He ended up staying a few days there, free as opposed to having to spend several hundred dollars on hotel charges, seeing as he was a college student at the time.

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