Twelve Tribes of Israel Cult.

Hi everyone. My name is Albert Ahlf and I am a catholic. I am a music major studying at Ithaca College and while I was in the commons for Apple fest I cam across a place called the Mate Cafe. They had an open forum discussion and I attended. We had discussions mainly involving the soul, salvation, etc. Someone at my college then told me that they were really a cult and that they might not be what they seem. (false prophets I suppose). They even said on their flier (calling all freethinkers, philosophers, and prophets). One person at the open forum claimed that she was a warrior for God and the she was representing the Godess Athena and trying to save kids from drugs. Does anyone know anything about this group? Something based on my research and observations doesn’t seem right about them.

No idea. Appears to be an apocalyptic group. :shrug:

Seems to be a chain. At least, there’s one in Colorado, unless it moved east. The peach chai is supposed to be excellent.

Don’t have much info on this subject, but coincidentally my daughter and I were talking about this today. Seems there’s a small restaurant in the town where she attends college that is owns and runs this small restaurant/cafe. She goes there quite a bit for lunch during the week and always had the feeling they were some sort of religious group. She told her boss where she works about the place and he told her “you know they’re a cult don’t you”? I tried to google info on them and found they call themselves "The Twelve Tribes. I’ve eaten at this place a few times also, the food and pastry are good.
Anyways, just thought I’d add to this discussion and if I discover any other information, I’ll pass it along.

This is a cult that pops up, is exposed and disappears for a while, then pops up again. They seem to run coffee houses and bakeries near colleges and use their members to work their, often for zilch wages, with any tips going to management. They have been around since the 1960’s taking advantage of impressionable and naive young people-especially pretty girls (use to lure young men).

What do you want to know? What are you asking?

Ithaca is known for its eclectic demographics. I am not surprised that you had this happen to you. I don’t know anything about the crowd, but I’ve had a few hilarious experiences while in Ithaca similar to your’s. I would just enjoy the food, and ignore the fools. Ithaca has so many nice things going for it, that I would urge you to focus on those, and ignore the nut cases.

I mean no offense, but please refrain from name calling of others whose personal lives you don’t know about.

One of those ‘nutcases’ is my friend, who once was a part of this group for 3 to 4 years but now has left.

My friend was not then, and is not now a ‘nutcase’… and if it were one of your family members, I think you’d take offense to that label too. Anyone given the right time and circumstances in life can fall prey to a cult.

I call it as I see it ---- family member of not… Though I do agree with you that circumstances can lead someone to fall prey to a cult. This, though, does not preclude them from being a nutcase. :slight_smile:

This is what I want nowadays.

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