Twenty+ Confederate Statues Removed Since May - Thirty Seven (37) Were Removed In 2017 After Charlottesville -114 Statues Removed After Charlestown Church Shooting In 2015 - Southern Poverty Law

But after the 2015 shooting, many city officials did begin to remove them. Most famously, the mayors of New Orleans and Baltimore removed every confederate monument in their cities in 2017. After the shooting in Charleston in 2015, 114 Confederate statues were removed nationwide according to the SPLC.

“It’s not just that the statues represent white supremacy, but the purpose of building the statues was the perpetuation of white supremacy,” James Grossman, executive director of the American Historical Association, tells TIME. “This is why they put them up in the first place; to affirm the centrality of white supremacy to Southern culture.”

How has this helped?

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They see each and every statue as bad, no matter how old or what the statue represents, to many it is thought that these statues were actually put up to perpetuate white supremacy. It has nothing to do with cultural heritage as it is to them about blatant racism

The statues have always been rooted in white supremacy, historians say. They were erected en masse through the southern U.S. in the late 19th Century, years after the Civil War ended, specifically as a reminder to African Americans that white people held power

The statues were put up to commemorate historical figures or events - not to
perpetuate white supremacy.

The vandalism and destruction of these statues during these protests solves nothing.


Every statue of a white person in western culture from Churchill to Christoper Columbus is bad. The only exceptions seem to to communist leaders. These statues are believed to be intentionally put in place to elevate the white race and to subjugate the minority races.

Whether we like or not, that is where we are in history.

I disagree 100%.

It can’t be long before the Knights of Columbus are put under intense pressure to change the name. I see where one bishop has already criticized them for allowing Trump to visit a shrine to Pope John Paul II. It won’t be long. And since Wikileaks has exposed what the Dem party thinks of the Church and how it contributes to dissident “Catholic” organizations, it won’t be long before the pagans in this society start persecution on a much more intense level.


One is reminded of that woman who held the “depict Mohammed” contest and got death threats for it. Can’t depict Mohammed, you see, not even here in the U.S.

The liberal religion is every bit as intolerant.


I thank God I’m alive to see these Confederate statues come down.

I grew up in VA in the 70s and 80s and heard all the southern apologetic garbage. I believe that their message is slowly dying and good riddance.

Taking down these statues is a big nail in the coffin of Lost Causers.


Get rid of every single one of them.

Don’t move them. Or store them.

Pull them down and drop at the scrap yard.

The biggest load of delusional tripe I’ve read this year…

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Maybe things you admire will be next. And you won’t be so gleeful about that.

I have read it said that the really savage depiction of blacks in “Birth of a Nation” was a delayed reaction to Reconstruction which some still alive at the time remembered and which their children would have known about vividly. One could argue that it took a long time for the nation to recover from that view of racial interaction.

Possibly all things southern will now be cast out of memory except in a negative way. But sometimes forcible repression is not a good thing in the long run.

When I was a kid, there was an old cemetery near our house. I and some other neighborhood kids used to play there. In that cemetery there were graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers. The descendants of both still lived in the area, and still do. We sometimes had play battles; union on one side, confederate on the other, and imagined the courage of both in facing the slash of swords and the smash of 50 caliber minie balls. One wonders when the day may come when those Confederate markers will be smashed, forcibly removed or changed to reflect nothing about their service. Maybe family histories will have to be changed?

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I didn’t say, it is what the New York Times article states.

From NY Tmes article…

Preach it from on high!

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No! Pulverize them into dust.

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I agree. But at least the scrap yard with chop 'em up and have them melted into something useful.

Actually, most of the monuments were put up in the early 20th Century. It really is the truth that, at the time, the loyalty of southerners was uncertain at least to the federal government. There was a war in Europe and some Americans had to be persuaded that they ought to support it. Among them were southerners and also Irish. (The latter viewed WWI as “England’s war”) I have some artifacts of the propaganda of the time aimed at both southerners and Irish to get them to support war in Europe. The propaganda for southerners emphasized notions of a truce between actual (then old) combatants. With the Irish it was identification with Catholic Belgians, not the Brits.

The idea with both was to meld common national purpose for greater goals by not insisting on forced adherence. That’s not desired anymore, but it should be.

More from article

“Activists and organizers and people who are part of these racial-justice movements, including young white people, recognize that we can’t change policing in America until we change the culture of America, and the culture of America has been deeply steeped in white supremacist celebration and racist norms,

Ah, well if a columnist from the NYT said it, then it must represent the hearts and minds of all western culture…

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There are a number of organizations and professors quoted in the article

“These statues were erected, in essence, as a reminder to the community that Southern order and Southern culture depended upon white supremacy,” Grossman says.

Western culture depended on white supremacy,.

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