Twenty Sudanese die in Cairo raid

Guess which country receives more than $1 billion US aid every year.

Egypt’s interior ministry now says 20 Sudanese migrants have died after riot police broke up a makeshift protest camp in Cairo. Thousands of police stormed the camp, set up near United Nations offices in September, wielding truncheons and firing water cannon at the protesters A stampede was reported as police forced hundreds of people onto buses…

Journalists reported seeing a number of Sudanese people unconscious on the ground, some of them young children.
A girl aged about four was among the dead, doctors said.

[quote=Matt25]Guess which country receives more than $1 billion US aid every year…

Guess which country got a personal visit from the Sec of State recently and told to either clean up its act or the money will stop?

For those who don’t know. Giving to Egypt is legacy from previous administrations. The current adminstration really doesn’t like the present regime in Egypt very much.

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