Is the TWF orthodox or heterodox? I’ve heard both. Something about avoiding Mass and praying a Rosary till Communion, and making up a vocation above the priesthood?

What is TWF?

Tfp. Sorry. Got the acronyms mixed up

What is TFP?

Tradition, Family and Property. I am seeking information to their orthodoxy or lack of.

I found via google that it is linked to America Needs Fatima.

It has an extensive website.

The thread title scared me for a minute. My initials and my handle on CAF…

Well, are you orthodox? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, my first thought on TFP was, no kidding, “textured fegetable protein”. Do I even want to know what a fegetable is?


I have huge concerns about the same things TFP does. They correctly identify the major issues in the “culture war”, in terms of education, media, and government. TFP recognizes this as a spiritual battle, though with need for social responses too. They are trying to rouse Catholics, the great majority of whom seem to be afflicted by passivity.

I don’t have concerns about their orthodoxy. I have mild concerns about their prudence, in terms of a high degree of skepticism or caution about Pope Francis. Their website seems to rely a lot on insights from popes prior to Vatican II. That is good, but the most relevant pope and bishop for us would be our current pope and bishop.

The opponents of the Catholic Church rely on the strategy of divide and conquer. They don’t really care if we discount the pope or bishop because we are liberal, or conservative, as long as we discount them. If we are always evaluating the pope, we cease to benefit from his ministry.

To my knowledge, TFP has never aligned with those movements who actually oppose the pope or bishops as unorthodox. But I can see how, if someone was already a little tempted in that direction, might be moved by TFP website to go over that line; even though TFP does not in any way renounce the magisterium.

So it has a lot of positives, but …

I subscribe to the TFP blog. I find a lot of interesting info on it. They have an active young male’s group. (I don’t qualify as young) but I enjoy their site. :slight_smile:

Let me know if they start a blog advising old, cynical, sluggish males as to how they can **become **active, young males.

Catholic Culture gave their site an excellent review and their opinions are normally spot on:

I agree with you that Catholic Culture is a credible source. They evaluate for orthodoxy, and find TFP to be orthodox.
That is right. It is orthodox.

They are not evaluating whether or not this a ********prudent website, for all Catholics, specifically in 2016. I do refer to prudence.

In 2016 the strategy of the enemies of the Church is Divide and Conquer. They want laity to compare Pope Francis to this other pope (maybe the current one is not quite so authoritative? Maybe Francis’ remarks are binding only on the 50 people in the audience, whereas anything Pope Pius X said is for the whole world?)

They want laity to compare bishops and bishop statements, to pick out the bishop they like best, rather than the one assigned to them.

There is a plague of anti-religious authority sweeping the West. Be cautious about what resources you recommend, to some persons who might be subject to that temptation.

I’m not saying TFP is part of the anti-religious plague, just saying they, like similar websites, seem unaware of this danger, and may affect readers in ways TFP did not intend.

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