Twitter Bans Bannon, Allows Kathy Griffin To Repost Bloody Trump Head

I believe you mean he is not permitted on “these”(definite) social media sites, not “a” (indefinite) social media account. He is permitted to be on several social media sites, and has accounts on them.

No such rule exists.

If you believe there is such a rule, please share the source of this belief.

That would make a great power for a superhero.

Media Man, the Networker, The Influencer - trying to think up a good name. None of those quite work…

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Ok, well – these rallies aren’t exactly violent in a physical sense," said CNN anchor Don Lemon. “But they are chock full of moral violence. These racist Trump supporters are committing moral, rhetorical, and emotional violence against our democracy. That’s basically the same as physical violence!”

Apparently, that is also Twitter’d stance.

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No they aren’t. They have no obligations under the First Amendment either.

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Oh the Trump people and their cries of unfairness!

Bannon’s not a comedian so the situations are not the same. Please try to input that fact.

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