Twitter buckles under pressure and unlocks New York Post's account

This is about time, it has been 2 weeks and the Post has had its account locked. Now Facebook needs to also apologize for it part if squashing the story.

You missed this thread too, and the hearing. Favebook says it was responding in part to a warning from the FBI to be on the lookout for an document dump.

Sounds like a very convenient excuse. And besides, the FBI has shown over the past few they are no fans of the President, so it’s not surprising they would put a warning over anything that would be damaging to Biden.

That’s good. I would be concerned with an FBI that is the fan of anyone.

There has been no suggestion that the FBI’s warning mentioned a specific candidate.

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Given that the FBI specifically targeted Trump and played an integral part in the Russia fiasco, I wouldn’t put it past them to send out a politically motivated warning.

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That’s a shift from declaration to speculation. I can’t add anything to that.

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I may have missed the thread but saw the hearings and wondered how long they would wait until they opened up the New York Post accounts. Well they finally did allow them to post but only 4 days before the election which is absurd because their original story came out on Oct.14 so they delayed them until it no longer

Plural? As in inclusive of the ones earlier this year? The next on is on 18 November. It is supposed to focus on the election. But I’m sure the greatest hits will be presented there too.

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