Twitter Censors Trump, Not Biden On Election Night @FDRLST

Here goes Twitter again.

The only good thing I’ve ever seen on Twitter was Nihilist Arby’s. Beyond that I’ve always found it tiresome.

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Inaction on Biden would only be relevant if it were also alleged that Biden violated a rule. This is like saying the police gave a ticket to thencar that was speeding, but did not give a ticket to the blue car.

Btw: there was some discussion of this in the election thread.

Had never heard of Nihilist Arby but what a creepy character. I love Arby’s roast beef but his/her posts
say nothing good., just demeaning.

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You really keep a tab on these threads and what is posted in each one. Missed that post.

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Nope, there are a few issues on which I keep tabs. Technology lawsuits are among them, and Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Google are often the targets of these. I also keep track of the smaller claims that tend to lead up to these suits. The Epic v Apple case over Fortnite has been a good one.

I was the one that mentioned when both Facebook and Twitter responded to a Tweet that Trump made earlier in the day. Weeks ago, Twitter said that they would respond to certain content, under a civics integrity policy. At the most recent hearing, Jack specifically stated how Twitter would respond to declarations of victory before the results are finalized. And Twitter and Facebook return to congress for another hearing two weeks from today to report on how they responded to election misinformation.

Trump said that the election was being stolen. That’s what got him in Twitter jail.

He said a couple of things. First was the stolen tweet.

Then he made some statement about the “poles”

That one didn’t get flagged. I think he realized he should use a different spelling. It is nolonger in his timeline. But a similar one is, with a Twitter comment.

Contrast this with the following Biden Tweet.

I predict, and this is straight up my opinion. If Biden wins, Twitter will loose a lot of influence and money. For all they argue with Trump, it is precisely Trump who kept Twitter afloat.

Trump and the Trumpsters will not be silent. I think that Trump will continue to make Twitter relevant.

I don’t think what Twitter censors or doesn’t censor has much if any effect in the grand scheme of things.
Twitter’s just a big largely unreadable bore.


From a 2018 Pew research study, 10% of Twitter users produce 80% of the tweets. I don’t think people are expressing themselves on it in quite the numbers some would have others think.



Twitter seems to be a big “look at me” thing. It’s not unique in that respect - Instagram is the same way. By contrast, on Facebook, most people I know post almost everything “friends only” or “closed group”.

I’m totally uninterested in people trying to be “influencers” although I know for some folks it means money in their pocket and that’s why they do it.

This is the coup to control our freedom of speech.Its not gonna get any better if the Dems take over.Cannot say we weren’t warned.

My wife seels Twitter and Instagrams largely as tools for being nosey and following gossip.

True, the way that one can limit posts to their own relationships is useful.

Among my close friends though, our “Social network” is our messenger application. We might take security a little too far. Is it really necessary for us to use end-to-end self-deleting messages to show the cute thing that the dog did the other day?

I do post on Facebook once a month just to let people know I am still alive. It is usually something less personal, like a picture of a flower that I saw growing. If someone wants to know about my personal life, they need to talk to me in real life.

Here, I think I am out-of-step with the times. Knowing that someone is an influencer would make them less likely to be someone I would want to “follow” (as multiple senses of the word “follow” might be applicable here).


I’m one who enjoys Twitter! However, I don’t follow politics on it…at all. Instead, I follow tech journalists and a few tech influencers because it keeps me up to date on tech and what’s the latest tech buzz. My enjoyment of Twitter is therefore enjoyable…if I followed politics on it, I’d probably feel much differently.


I guess it’s Biden’s fault he didn’t say anything that needed to be “censored.” (i.e., he didn’t tweet out false accusations)


I guess this would be remarkable if Biden and Trump had twitted the same thing or if they had a habit of using the same sort of rhetoric on Twitter. Some folks laugh and say Trump is not ‘politically correct’. Well, this is the type of reaction his tweets (and his inaccuracies) have wrought.


I agree. I also like Nancy (the cartoon character) and the Vatican.

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Like with stopping vote count reporting,
This is the TDS subroutine kicking in
Manual override to stop the unthinkable.

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