Twitter - good or bad


Twitter and so many other social media sites like Facebook seem to have made our society less civil.
Each time I read one of the President’s tweets, I cringe.
How do you feel about Twitter?


I’m not a personal fan of Twitter simply because of how the platform is organized. However, I do not believe social media is exactly good or bad. I see it as more of a tool that is wielded by the user. It is the user who has the capability to put forth civil discourse or unruly chaos.


I concur. Social media is a tool that can be used for good or ill. Priests, bishops, and even the pope use Twitter, so it can’t be all bad. :wink:

I think the cause of the lack of civility is probably multi-faceted. More than Twitter specifically, though, I think it is linked to the fact that people aren’t interacting with each other socially in person as a result. If we become accustomed primarily to interacting with people on a screen rather than face-to-face, they become less “real” to us and easier to be uncivil to.


The internet has not made society less civil. It is some people on the internet who are less than civil.


I think that’s just Trump’s personality :wink:


True, but people are more likely to be negative through a tweet than they are to a person’s face. It is tougher to tell someone what you think in person than it is to post something online.


Joe, I agree. It is easy to say something nasty through a tweet than it is to say it to a person face to face.


Same argument when it comes to gun control.
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
But guns make it quicker and easier, just as tweets make it simpler and easier to say something nasty or negative about another.


You mean nasty, crude, and lude? :joy:


Tweeter, just like FB and many other social media outlets are not inherently bad or good. They just are…
For example, carbohydrates are not bad or good, is the use of those carbohydrates that can have an effect on you. Those Carbs turn into sugars and you can gain weight or have unstable insulin is you are diabetic.

Tweeter is neither good or bad. But I think we can give it as much power as we choose to in our lives. Tweeter is great to keep you updated with news, happenings and in contact with other people like minded. However, if we choose to argue with people over tweeter, or of you find yourself obsessed with tweeter then that is a different story.

We are called to have moderation. The use of social media applies to that. People turn “less civil” because they are choosing to. But I have heard of stories of people who start arguing and meet someone responding with love and have become friends and end up having good conversations with each other. Maybe we should thrive to be more loving no matter what people place there.

If its getting to you, then, move on to more positive happenings or close it and start spending that time with God (this has happened to me many times🤪)


I deleted twitter because nothing good comes of it. It’s just arguments and filth.


Exactly. Just a forum for non-civility.


Not good most of the time, just like any other social media (except for CAF. Heh)

Reading books about spirituality and history of the Church is more edifying.


Incivility would be the better way of saying it. Sorry.


I tell people all the time – Less tweeting and more reading. That is what we need!


Twitter is a tool. It can be good or it can be truly horrible.
It depends on who you follow, and what you post.


I’m only on CAF.


Twitter neutral Presidents use of Twitter bad


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